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Sunday January 29, 2023


Targeted Intellectuals

Why are independent doctors, nurses and scientists censored? Hot off the heels of Lee Fang’s mass media ignored Twitter files by The Intercept, Broken Truth

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A Doctor’s Fight for Vaccine Sanity

It’s a fight no doctor wants to be involved in. A Goliath sized hospital system bullies an independent practice physician. Unfortunately, it’s a fight that plays out daily across the US, especially since COVID-19 began. In this interview with Broken Truth’s John Davidson, Dr. Angelina Farella, MD tells the tale of her fearless fight against big hospitals, big medicine, and the mistakes those giants would rather you not know about.

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FDA 6/14 & 15 Medical Mashups If you listen, the FDA will tell you all you ened to know. There is no risk to children

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Covid-19 A Dystopian Delusion

Episode 113: Covid-19 A Dystopian Delusion Clinton and John Interview Scott Ventureyra PhD, author of Covid 19, A Dystopian Delusion. Episode 113 in the series.

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