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Thursday June 13, 2024


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Dr. Renata Moon Interview

An Interview with Dr. Renata Moon December, 2022. US Senator Ron Johnson held hearings on the ongoing Covid Vaccine Scandal.One doctor elegantly demonstrates just how

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Rotten Apple

BAD APPLE: Apple Censored COVID Origins

It turns out that Apple demanded LBRY block video searches for anything related to Covid, especially anything regarding vaccines or the human (think lab leak) origins of the virus which at the time would have put focus directly on China.

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NIHGATE Does the NIH have a process in place to ‘take down’ studies, papers, or people that go against the NIH’s financial interests? Is a

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Interview with Dr. Angelina Farella

It’s a fight no doctor wants to be involved in. A Goliath sized hospital system bullies an independent practice physician. Unfortunately, it’s a fight that plays out daily across the US, especially since COVID-19 began. In this interview with Broken Truth’s John Davidson, Dr. Angelina Farella, MD tells the tale of her fearless fight against big hospitals, big medicine, and the mistakes those giants would rather you not know about.

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