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We are supported by members of a wide spectrum of society. Our sources are doctors, lawyers, police, prisoners, ministers, government officials and everyday people from all walks of life from around the world.

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Sunday April 21, 2024


Our Goals and Vision

The goal of Broken Truth is simple: To expose bad actions by those in power and encourage corporations, groups, and governments to change their errant behaviors. We believe that families are the backbone of societies and the purpose of society is to provide the best and most secure path into the future for our next generations.

Who We Are

We are supported by members of a wide spectrum of society. Our sources are doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, police, prisoners, homeless, ministers, government officials and everyday people from all walks of life from around the world. 

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Meet The Hosts

John Davidson

Creator, Co-Host

John began his career in broadcast in local radio. He loved the industry so much he obtained a B.S. Comm Arts degree with Emphasis in Broadcast. His career then landed him at CNN where he worked in multiple areas, including as a Video Journalist for CNN/CNN International and later a Video Editor where he also developed writing and producing skills. Following his time at CNN, John transitioned to entertainment as a writer, producer and director creating trailers and marketing for networks like abc, Discovery, FX and Disney as well as nearly all the major studios. His award winning campaigns for Universal Studios and Discovery let to his work being labeled ‘Best in Class’. 

A lover of visual effects, John worked in television and film as a co-producer and visual effects supervisor for the theatrical film ‘Miss Arizona’. John’s 3D animation and design work was also featured repeatedly the incredibly popular CBS series ‘Big Bang Theory’. 

Comfortable with paupers or presdidents, John has interviewed and directed film and tv stars like Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson, Wanda Sykes, Jeff Goldblum, and has collaborated with WETA Digital, Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers Pictures and more. 

John also consulted with Silicon Valley companies like Apple, beta testing professional apps and giving presentations at NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) as well as customized presentations in Hollywood.

When COVID struck, as a legally recognized minister, John pivoted again into creating public service announcements in support of doctors and patients in a series of campaigns for networks like TLC and Discovery, an endeavor that ultimately led to the creation of Broken Truth. 

Clinton Ohlers, PhD


A member of the executive committee of the Faith and Global Engagement initiative, Dr. Ohlers heads the Faith and the History and Philosophy of Science project and supports FGE’s sister initiative, The Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum.  His research and writing focuses on the historical and philosophical relationship between science and Christianity and the place of Christianity in the development of science and the concept of regular natural laws on which science depends. Currently, he is finishing his first book, The Birth of the Conflict Between Science and Religion, invited for review for publication by the University of Chicago Press. In addition to several related articles, this research has also led to a second book project, on the development of the concept of scientific laws of nature in the seventeenth century. Dr. Ohlers teaches HKU’s highly popular “Life Worth Living” course, based on the course at Yale, which introduces students to thinking deeply about what it means to live a life worth living, religiously and philosophically.

A scholar and experienced public speaker, Dr. Ohlers has delivered papers at the annual meetings of the History of Science Society, the International Research Network on Science and Belief in Society, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the American Society of Church Historians and has been an invited speaker at conferences nationally. He excels in bridging the gap between academia and the public by making information of a specialized and complex nature engaging and meaningful to a broad audience.

Additional Information:

Dr. Ohlers came to HKU after a year as Research Fellowship with the Creation Project at the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding, a $3.4 million initiative funded by the Templeton Foundation, with the purpose of better understanding divine creation and modern science.

He received PhD and MA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in History, where he specialized in American and European intellectual history and the history of science. He also earned an MA in the History of Christian Thought from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has held the titles of Benjamin Franklin Fellow and Roy F. and Jeanette P. Nichols Fellow, at Penn, and Leadership History Fellow at Leaders’ Portfolio, Washington D.C.’s CEO Interview Show, where also served as Senior Producer.

Dr. Ohlers serves on the boards of the International Human Development Corporation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and R. C. Cord, Inc., a commercial real estate development company.

Clinton Ohlers, PhD