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Sunday April 21, 2024

Sports Reporter From Hell: ‘Shots Heard’ Member Keith Law Targeted Docs, Nurses, and Vax-Injured

Keith Law is a Shots Heard member and sports reporter who waged war against nurses, doctors, and families of injured. So why does Joe Rogan follow him?

Keith Law’s Facebook profile pic

Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover. See all our reporting on these online harassment groups here.

Today’s Shots Heard Hall of Shame tale was supposed to be a light one, but like a stank onion, the dark world of censorship has many layers. It’s enough to make you cry.

Keith Law is a reporter for “The Athletic” He’s also the author of “The Inside Game”. Keith’s book is about ‘bad calls’, and boy is his social media filled with them. Keith joined “Shots Heard” on Feb 8, 2021.

Shots Heard Around the World has a private Facebook group moderated by employees of Public Good Projects (PGP). PGP received $883,000 from a big pharma lobbyist group named BIO. Moderna, Pfizer, and Gilead are among BIO’s members. The group was weaponized by its members to attack anyone who spoke out about vaccine risks or alternative treatments to COVID that were not profitable for pharmaceutical companies.

Keith Law has been very busy working against Americans.

Just going through his tweets, it appears Keith is an atheist, Christian-hating, America-hating, pharma acolyte who calls anyone he doesn’t agree with a bot. And we’ve got the tweets to prove it!

The worst part is he is followed by the likes of Joe Rogan. Remember how Joe was mocked by the left for taking human medication ivermectin?

Here’s Joe Rogan grilling “Dr.” Sanjay Gupta for CNN’s deceptive reporting on Ivermectin. Hey Joe, this guy mocked ivermectin and tortured anyone online when they tried to speak out about it. Maybe @KeithLaw doesn’t deserve your clout?

More fallout from the FDA’s deceptive Ivermectin tweet?

After the FDA’s 100% moronic ‘you are not a horse’ tweet in August of 2021, folks like Keith in ‘Shots Heard’ felt entitled and emboldened to attack anyone whose public opinions and statements might go against the FDA’s cardboard-thin narrative about the Covid-19 vaccines being safe and effective.

In September 2021, Keith went on a censorship tear, reporting multiple nurses that he found scouring social media. Here’s Keith sharing his updates with Shots Heard members. Heather Keedy Bateman is a nurse in Mobile, AL who also filed complaints against nurses who exercised their free speech.

Nicole Whitley spoke publicly about her experience with COVID and her research on it. We can’t have that! So Keith and his band of censors went on the attack. Here’s Nicole Whitley expressing her freedom of speech on a platform Keith wasn’t able to get her kicked off from.

Nicole was afraid because she was being attacked by people like Keith and wiped her social media feeds in fear. That didn’t stop Keith Law and Heather Keedy Bateman! These poor helpless pharma companies must be defended!

Nicole Whitley Drops Bombs About Ivermectin

Keith is an expert on censorship. Because he does it so well!

Speaking of Free Speech. A scan through Keith’s tweets indicates he knows all about free speech. Between actual mockery of anyone utilizing their First Amendment rights and know-it-all media posts like ones below, Keith’s primary work appears to have been attacking anyone who violated the shots-heard marching orders.

Keith was a very, very good censorship acolyte. Especially considering what we know now about Joe Biden’s administration censoring people via social media via the twitter files.

Keith Targeted Nurses on TikTok

In another post, Keith went after a young male nurse on TikTok named Jimmy. Reviewing Jimmy’s TikToks it makes you sick that Keith did that. Keith targeted Jimmy’s Nursing license and apparently Jimmy’s TikTok account was censored as well. Keith certainly knows censorship, doesn’t he?

Incidentally, Keith was reporting Jimmy for discussing laetrile, an animal medication that has shown some benefits against cancer in animals but none in humans. However, no real clinical trials have been conducted on the very affordable drug. Wonder why? Some would call that motive for Keith’s pharmaceutical overlords!

The oddest thing about this is that laetrile has no connection to cyanide that we’ve found. Why would this Geoffrey Crawford compare a chemical in fruit pits (which is what laetrile is) to cyanide?

Perhaps the answer is that these same people promoted the concept that Ivermectin was horse paste and unfit for humans.

FYI: We linked to the National Cancer Institute. You remember them, Eric Freed from the NCI is involved in the NIHGate cover-up that nobody in Shots Heard’s misinfo team has bothered to review AT ALL.

Here’s a video from Jimmy’s new TikTok account. Keith went after this kid’s social media accounts and nursing license? Keith loves censorship.

@jimmy_d932 Geting the band back together #conspiracytiktok #alternativemedicine #fyp #foryoupage #nurse ♬ original sound – Jimmy D

Keith Law Targeted Mother of Child Killed by Vaccine

In this disastrous thread in Feb of 2021, Keith targeted Rishanne Golden for posts warning about vaccines.

According to video testimony provided by Rishanne to the Ohio House Health Committee:

The Goldens lost their daughter Haleigh to vaccine injury following a doctor-recommended meningococcal vaccine they thought was required for college. Mother and business owner Rishanne Golden gives compelling and fact-filled testimony about her daughter, the family’s fight for true and full informed consent, surprising meningitis statistics, and information generally not covered about polio and the polio vaccine.

We know quite well what was in the polio vaccine and had it confirmed by Janet Woodcock at the FDA. SV40 is a monkey virus that causes tumors in lab animals and has been linked to cancer. You can learn more about SV40 and the FDA’s disastrous censorship and suppression of information against Bernice Eddy at SV40.org

YOu can read house testimony from 2004 about SV40 here in testimony titled: THE SV-40 VIRUS: HAS TAINTED POLIO VACCINE CAUSED AN INCREASE IN CANCER

Here’s the video testimony of Rishanne Golden, the woman who Keith Law waged war against. Imagine losing a child, being gaslit by the medical community, and then Keith Law attacks with the help of others from a group whose management was funded in part by pharmaceutical lobbyist BIO. Shameful.

Keith Law’s Social Media Is a Dumpster Fire

We decided to turn the camera around and show you some of Keith’s tweets over the past two years outside of Shots Heard. It ain’t good! Keith is so anti-ivermectin that it almost seems like an obsession. Here he is throwing Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine under the bus.

Keith Law writes about America’s favorite pastime, but hates America?

Keith’s take on religion, demons, and everything in between is…curious.

“You know what is all over? Christianity.
It’s shoved down everyone’s throats all the time.
For those of us who don’t believe in it, it’s offensive.”

KEITH LAW, March 18, 2023 @KEITHLAW

Keith Law called anyone he didn’t like a bot

Keith Law mocked anyone defending bodily autonomy and freedom

Keith Law promoted false horse paste narratives about ivermectin

Keith Ignores VAERS adverse events reports like an FDA employee

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