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Thursday September 21, 2023

Mr. Info: CEO Joe Smyser of Shots Heard Brainwashes Americans

With links to the CDC, FDA, USAID, and more, Public Good Projects CEO Joe Smyser is in the business of brainwashing Americans on behalf of pharma lobbyists and the government.

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Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover. See all our reporting on these online harassment groups here.

Joe Smyser with a parody Pinnochio nose
Joe Smyser with a parody Pinnochio’s nose

Shots Heard Around the World manages a private Facebook group moderated by employees of Public Good Projects (PGP). PGP received $883,000 from a pharma lobbyist group named BIO. Moderna, Pfizer, and Gilead are among BIO’s members. The group was weaponized by its members to attack anyone who spoke out about vaccine risks or alternative treatments to COVID that were not profitable for pharmaceutical companies. 

Meet Mister Information Joe Smyser

Today we’re shining a light on the leader of Public Good Projects, none other than the Joe Smyser. Joe’s role at the company resulted in an explosion in profits – for a nonprofit. Last week we showed you how Shots Heard, under the direct supervision of PGP, actively targeted and slandered anyone who spoke out about vaccine injuries or alternative covid treatments not approved by the FDA, NIH or CDC.

Joe is seen joking around about his work in this Aspin Institute presentation titled ‘The War of Misinformation’.

Cherry Picking ‘Misinformation’

Public Good Projects claims to work against disinformation, but PGP and Shots Heard members have spent zero time keeping our own government agencies honest. Joe has spent quite a bit of time working with these organizations, maybe that’s why. See his CV from LinkedIn below.

Joe Smyser said “Antivaxxers are not nice people”

Joe Smyser Speaking at MisinfoCon2020

Joe’s arguments in this video are ridiculous but identify everything wrong with our covid response. The problem is these groups in our federal government are incapable of acknowledging their own flaws. These people aren’t scientists, they are political Marxists working to remove anyone in the medical field from speaking the truth.

Public Good Projects CEO problems

Looking back at where PGP started, we found that the non-profit was initially helmed by CEO and pediatrician Thomas Farley. Thomas was involved in some pretty incredible scandals according to his Wikipedia.

In 2020, as Philadelphia Health Commissioner, Farley approved the city’s partnership with the organization Philly Fighting COVID despite the organization’s leadership by a 22-year old university student without experience in public health or business management. Farley continued to defend the organization despite warning signs including PFC not granting the city access to data PFC had accumulated; Philly Fighting COVID losing demographic data; and PFC ceasing their testing operations, abandoning community groups who relied on them for free tests. PFC’s CEO Andrei Doroshin would be described by the city as “unprofessional”. Philly Fighting COVID was able to test only 20,000 people and vaccinate only 6,800 people.[8] Farley discontinued the relationship following publication of PFC’s change to for profit status.[8] Calls for disgraced Philly Fighting COVID CEO Doroshin to resign were made by a number of city council members and state senators.

On May 13, 2021, Mayor Kenney requested Farley’s resignation as health commissioner after the public learned that Farley had ordered the destruction in 2017 of the human bodies of victims of the city’s 1985 MOVE bombing rather than returning the human remains to the families and without notifying the family of his actions.[10]

Wikipedia on Thomas Farley

A CEO with connections to deep pockets

Destroying bodies? Handing the keys of Philly’s health response to a kid? That’s not a very good look. It also doesn’t sound good when PGP and all the media wanted us all to know that TRUMP was the problem with the COVID-19 response, not science.

To be fair, Farley didn’t command the big bucks for PGP based on their 2016 Form 990. Maybe that’s why they needed someone like Joe with USAID links to take over. Their income in many is untrackable, often with sources obscured. PGP is so shady they ended up in the Twitter Files.
Nothing to see here!

In 2017 it appears there was no paid CEO, just chairman Phil Marineau. Phil also works with LNK Partners, a private equity firm. Phil previously worked as a director for Kaiser Permanente. You can see PGP’s 2017 Form 990 here. PGP paid Google 468k that year. Wow!

In 2018 Joe joined as CEO. That’s when the big bucks started coming in.

Joe Smyser et al want to brainwash America

Joe and his pals have worked very very hard to brainwash you. Have you noticed that some of your most liberal friends are almost under a spell? Refusing to even review the data coming out of the CDC, FDA or NIH? That somehow the media and medicine have hypnotized people you know to never question science?

An actual text from one of the brainwashed liberals in Los Angeles

Thank Joe and his friends for that. Check out this highly deluded video including Joe discussing how to manipulate and psychologically innoculate against ‘future persuasion attempts’.

Joe and his minions pretend that they are somehow altruistic, but their tactics are pure evil. Doctors, nurses, patients, vaccine injured, and even clergy are targeted by groups like Shots Heard as we have documented extensively. Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, American Frontline Nurses, and numerous others were targeted by the people in these groups controlled by Smyser’s PGP team.

Not only that, PGP worked with insiders at twitter to take down posts they disagreed with and articles that they objected to. The tactics used by PGP silence important information on the premise that they are aware of everything happening on the ground, but in reality they are silencing critical information, treatments, and ‘facts on the ground’ that are important to scientific understanding.

Broadcasting their plan

In this article from 2020, Joe establishes the plan to enlist citizens to attack anyone they disagree with.

PGP has paid companies like ZIGNAL and GRIN to monitor the internet for real-time propaganda dissemination and prevent threats of truth from getting out. In this video, Joe describes how PGP ‘monitors’ social media for ‘misinformation’.

Actually, Peking has operated, as Moscow has since the days of Lenin, on a number of principles which taken together can be called the technique of the “great lie.” Among these are: 1) make it big enough and people will believe part of it; (2) repeat it often enough and you will convince some people; (3) say it in enough different ways, and you will convince others…

Great China Danger

Collectivists Tactics Regurgitated

None of Public Good Projects and other entities like them are doing anything particularly new. These groups just exploit our comfort using social media. With the death of newspapers and most magazines, it was very easy to take centralized control of mass media. The media that is left is typically owned by venture capitalist funds or drying up media organizations like New York Times that relies on massive influxes of cash from the likes of people like Carlos Slim.

The Nazis employed censorship and propaganda by controlling publications, art, theater, music, movies and radio. The tactics used by the Nazis to censor included:

  • Closing down or taking over anti-Nazi newspapers; 
  • Controlling what news appeared in newspapers, on the radio, and in newsreels;
  • Banning and burning books that the Nazis categorized as un-German;
  • Controlling what soldiers wrote home during World War II.

Joe uses Shots Heard to manipulate Facebook policy

Below is a tweet showing how Joe guides Shots Heard members to influence Facebook policy.

Infiltrating the media

Sound familiar? Google is a partner of PGP and is connected to YouTube. PGP has paid Google and Facebook hundreds of thousands of dollars. YouTube has been censoring so many

By the way, guess who works for Netflix! The former VP of PGP’s Marketing, Haylie Halper! In case you were wondering why Netflix got so woke over the years, maybe this is the answer.

The tweet below isn’t connected to PGP, but is a great example of how collectivists in the United States are silencing journalism.

Stay vigilant and expose these people

Keep an eye on these folks because what these people are doing to your friends and family is nothing short of an attack on the psychological freedom of the American people. These groups are attempting to push more lockdowns and more fear.

The results of their actions could very well lead to another American Civil War.

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