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Thursday September 21, 2023

Shots Heard Member Dr. Cheryl Tierney Tried to Kill Freedom Serving Italian Restaurant

Pennsylvania Doctor requested pharma funded online social media assassination squad “Shots Heard” ‘report their pizza shop’ to ‘help it get shut down’ for planning meetings and organizing the community.

This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover.

Hershey, Pennsylvania is now known for more than delicious it’s delicious chocolate, it’s also home to tyranny. Just ask the owners of “Taste of Sicily”, an Italian restaurant that stoked the ire of Meliora Health’s medical director, Dr. Cheryl Tierney. The restaurant used its Facebook page to help citizens connect with doctors willing to treat covid prophylactically, a deed that would negatively affects the billings of hospitals around the nation. Patients that don’t get covid and go to the hospital don’t get put on vents, and aren’t prescribed outrageously priced remdesivir. We can’t have that, right Cheryl?

In this Jan 28, 2022 Shots Heard private group post, Cheryl had clearly had her fill of delicious Italian flavored freedom. Cheryl ventured into the private shots heard group and asked for help from the rowdy band of internet assassins.

Remember, Shots Heard is maintained by Public Good Projects, a group that received $883,000 from BIO, the pharma lobbyist company. On top of that, Public Good Projects gave over $400,000 to Facebook in 2021.

So began a digital assault against a family owned business that had a dream of making pizza and dared to get involved in their community.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t 2020, or even 2021, this was 2022.

Cheryl Asked, Shots Heard delivered.

Shots Heard answered BIGLY. News stories, research and accusations that the owners and managers used their Facebook page to “pronounce their views” rocked the internet. Look at this hilarious report by Harri Leigh at Fox43.

LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. — After a series of videos were released on social media accusing a Lebanon County restaurant of acting as a conduit to coordinate distribution of Ivermectin, an alternative, non-FDA approved treatment for COVID-19, officials have confirmed they are investigating the allegations.

Taste of Sicily, owned by Christine Mason’s mother, Silvana Drill, and operated by restaurant manager Mike Magano, have used their Facebook page throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to pronounce their views, and to show that they wouldn’t abide by some of the COVID-19 restrictions Gov. Tom Wolf put into place for restaurants during 2020.

Harri Leigh, Fox 43

The assault didn’t stop there. Savannah Sparks, an alleged pharmacist in Mississippi and Shots Heard member, helped get a doctor who worked at a Phoenixville, PA Hospital fired for exercising her rights as a medical doctor and prescribing patients referred by the restaurant ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The news stories point out these drugs are not an FDA approved medication for covid, thanks to a deceptive tweet made by the FDA that caused great harm in the country by implying ivermectin was a horse medication. The FDA’s tweet didn’t disclose that about 40% of all medications prescribed are ‘off label’ and that ivermectin is a human “wonder drug” that is also used in animals. The FDA was reminded in court recently that doctors, not the FDA, decide which drugs to prescribe patients. The FDA’s self-described ‘quip’ was exploited by medical ‘professionals’ on the left to deride treatments that could have helped save lives.

TikTokers to the rescue…

Savannah and another tiktoker also claimed the Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graff was corrupt for not prosecuting the restauranteurs for being good citizens. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are over the counter safe medications in many countries due to their safety protocol, something any pharmacist should know. In woke America though, these medications were considered more dangerous than the opioids pharmacists prescribe daily across the country, resulting in waves of death and addictive destruction.
Danesh Noshirvan, Savannah’s accomplice is currently being sued for doxxing and harassing numerous people.

Yelp Spamming War Began

Another way the restaurant was attacked was through Yelp. Reviewers from all over the country showed up on the restaurant’s yelp page. Accounts in other states claimed they got food with hair in it. Some were subtle, calling food bland and service incredibly bad bad. Others claimed the restaurant supported Russia and put ivermectin on the pizza.

Additionally, fake Facebook pages pretending to be the restaurant showed up like this one. The page mocks the owners, managers, and restaurant.

Yelp war

The FDA Should Be Held Responsible For Their Actions

The FDA is in no small way responsible for this. Its terrible social media posts created an air of entitlement and righteousness that didn’t exist. This doesn’t excuse Dr. Cheryl Tierney’s actions in the least, but if the FDA lied and fostered a social media civil war. Shame on all of the member of the FDA for what they have done. The FDA, NIH and CDC have repeatedly proven they are NOT on the side of the American people and have earned the scorn of all Americans left and right.

As we tell more of these Shots Heard Hall of Shame stories, understand this was not what we wanted. Members of the Facebook group are quitting and deleting their posts in the hope that we won’t reveal their actions. With this new scariant of covid being weaponized against America, we must continue to with our great revelations. #DEFUNDTHEFDA

What about Dr. Cheryl Tierney?

Dr. Cheryl Tierney was rewarded for her dark acts by getting hired by Meliora Health in Hershey, PA. Meliora is a US subsidiary of Healios. We can’t help but wonder if Dr. Tierney can be held liable for tortious interference for meddling in the business and rights of citizens and businesses in the United States.

Here’s Cheryl Tierney talking about wearing masks during the pandemic.


More Shots Heard Hall of Shame stories to come.

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