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Thursday September 21, 2023

The Importance of Understanding Racially Specific Resistance to COVID-19

Concealing Evidence of C19 Bioengineering Is A Tactical Error

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the ripped Democrat presidential candidate currently commanding 20% of the democrat vote despite CNN, MSNBC, and the Democratic Communist Party’s best efforts to destroy him. A few months ago RFK Jr. upset the woke media by referencing a study that suggested that Ashkenazis are somehow resistant to COVID-19’s spike protein. The woke news mafia promptly shat themselves. As someone with Ashkenazi genes my interest was peaked. Why couldn’t we talk about it?

Apparently these news agencies have never heard that some diseases don’t believe in equity. I suggest all of CNN go get screened for sickle cell anemia, immediately.

What is this Ashkenazi thing anyways?

To be quite honest, I had never really even paid attention to the term “Ashkenazi” before 2020. Ashkenazis are a genetically distinct group spread primarily across the United States and Europe. Most of the Jewish folk you encounter in the US are ashkenazi. I first learned about them in detail when I discovered I had ‘founder’ ashkenazi DNA and that the subset descends from an ancient group of about 300 people that survived nearly being annihilated far back in history. Ashkenazis also have a predisposition to certain genetic diseases. Understanding genetic predisposition to disease is a major benefit of genetic tests like 23 & me, a company that sells discoveries made with your DNA without paying you for them.

Ashkenazis originate from many places like Ukraine. You may recall that the late Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was an Ukrainian Ashkenazi Jew.

Follow the science, but not there!

This leads us to the point. CNN and all the other lost woke networks, ironically which are disproportionately led by Ashkenazis, unleashed hell on RFK. Repeatedly articles called his statements ‘false’ without ever properly addressing the issues or studies he brought up. Part of this is the desire to get rid of him because he threatens to actually encourage the US to elect a lucid leader that isn’t controlled by Obama’s minions. Another part of it is that in this day and age of wokism, we aren’t allowed to acknowledge important details. So much for science, right?

Here’s the huge problem in knee-jerk calling this topic racist. What if it’s true? I have been hearing about this genetic resistance for years and never brought it up or reported on it because I am highly skeptical of most study data. You can thank science fraud Sapan Desai’s devastating paper that was used to frighten people away from hydroxychloroquine, the drug that appears to have saved most of the world’s populations outside of the US, Canada, and Australia. All of medicine should feel incredible shame for not dealing with that scandal properly.

If Ashkenazis are resistant to covid-19, the world should know this. We should study why the resistance exists and work that into potential therapies if possible. Especially considering the unusually large component of Jewish folk that were involved in our medical leadership, covid response, treatment, and vaccine development. Just look at this cringey video lauding Jewish control of the world’s covid response while also praising Pfizer CEO and Vetenarian Albert Bourla for his ‘contributions’ to society. Don’t look at me! It’s what they say in Pfizer’s video!

I’m not allowed to show anything positive about Albert Bourla without showing this epic Rebel News coverage of Bourla in Davos back in January. EPIC.

The real concern I have here is that RFK Jr’s statement, the studies behind it, and the silly attack on him for his constitutionally protected free speech are devastating to actually understanding what is actually going on. The idiots suppressing this discussion are actually putting millions of Ashkenazis, many of which are my dear friends, at great risk. Imagine if there was a test we could take to see if we have resistant ACE2 receptors? No need to take risky remdesivir or deadly vaccines. So many issues open up if we were able to have rational discussions.

Touchy subjects are an enemy’s best friend

Exploiting cultural weaknesses like race is a tactic of lawfare, explained in a book called “Unrestricted Warfare” written by two Chinese military officials. It works too! Try getting an interview with any doctor to seriously address this question. It’s toxic. So why should we talk about this if it’s so dangerous?

First, cover-ups make people look guilty. No amount of news suppression is going to change that. Why full court press an shutdown of discussion if you have nothing to hide?

Second, as it becomes more apparent Covid-19 was genetically engineered, Ashkenazi DNA could have been intentionally used to implicate Ashkenazis as the designers of the disease. This genetic resistance could be a biological red herring designed to foment anti-ashkenazi sentiment. Tactical diversions are a basic staple of military war. Just ask Chinese military genius Sun Tzu.

“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” 

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Third, there’s a serious concern that Ukraine has been designing biological weapons on behalf of the United States. If Covid actual came from Ukraine and WAS designed to insulate its creators, we need to get out of this never-ending money pit of a war immediately. It makes you wonder what this whole Ukrainian Soldier Nazi Swastika thing is all about.

Lastly, by not talking about the racial specificity of COVID, we miss covering the other races that are also allegedly resistant to the disease. Namely – East Asian and South Asian (Chinese?). It was pretty obvious that charges of racism against Chinese Americans were drummed up early into our covid response to deflect any investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology and its role in coronavirus research and a potential lab leak. That coverup is ongoing, as are other NIH scandals like #NIHgate that we have covered at NIHGate.com. In fact, the whole bat-eating narrative appears to have been used to call anyone who brought it up racist and discourage critical thought. If you want to see racism, look at how Chinese social media references blacks. Despicable.

Image 1
Graph from: ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity

We can’t afford to be morons in this bio-war future

Genetically modified diseases are being developed, now. These weapons could take out an entire country without firing a shot. We as a people need to quit screwing around with this woke garbage and stop rewriting history. Our future is directly at stake.

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