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Sunday January 29, 2023


Justice for Trista

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, crimes against children unite all of humanity. Trista Martin was a happy 18 year old girl planning

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Nothing makes me think of Bill Gates like Vaccine Derived New York City Sewage Polio!

Should you be afraid of the polio found in New York sewers? Where did it come from? Relax dear viewer, representatives from a reclusive religious group at the heart of the latest Polio scare tactics news have come forward to provide clarity on what the media got wrong and where this sewer polio comes from. Hint hint: Bill Gates.

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She Fought Back and Won

Her daughter’s story was featured in the movie series “Vaxxed”. In 1994 Karen Kain took her daughter Lorrin to the doctor to get a vaccine. Little did she know she would become one of the few parents of a child the US Government actually admits were harmed by vaccines. Now, Karen fights for other parents who aren’t being given the facts about vaccines, the government, and all the broken truths in between.

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A Doctor’s Fight for Vaccine Sanity

It’s a fight no doctor wants to be involved in. A Goliath sized hospital system bullies an independent practice physician. Unfortunately, it’s a fight that plays out daily across the US, especially since COVID-19 began. In this interview with Broken Truth’s John Davidson, Dr. Angelina Farella, MD tells the tale of her fearless fight against big hospitals, big medicine, and the mistakes those giants would rather you not know about.

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Steve Wenger – Vaccine Warrior

When Steve Wegner was injured by the V, he learned first hand how the system is rigged against the wounded. Since his injury he has become a powerful advocate for vaccine victims rights. Hear his story with John Davidson and R. Clinton Ohlers, PhD in this chapter of Broken Truth.

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FDA 6/14 & 15 Medical Mashups If you listen, the FDA will tell you all you ened to know. There is no risk to children

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These videos were shared with us by user QXYG3NTHI3F on Rumble. They are very disturbing but important to view. A powerful testiment to why we do not need FDA approval for children for this vaccine which we know doesn’t harm children. Why take the risk?

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