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Thursday June 13, 2024

Meet Shots Heard’s Dorit Reiss, the UC Hastings Prof. of Law Dismantling Your Rights

Shots Heard Member Dorit Reiss has been a major voice for the destruction of human rights in the United States. Her hubris is shocking.

Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover.

As we journey through the detailed membership roster of pharma pharma-linked online harassment group “shots heard”, one name rises above the rest, that is Israeli American and Professor of Law at UC Hastings in San Francisco. Dorit has advised the California Legislature which suddenly explains the lunacy coming out of that entity over the past decade.

Dorit Pfizer CU
Dorit in an alleged ‘joke’ picture outside a Pfizer building

As a side note, it’s pretty amazing how many of these vaccine zealots come from ‘Frisco. The reason why it’s amazing is Frisco is ground zero of one of the medical industry’s greatest human atrocities – aka the fentanyl homeless crisis. How the people behind vaccines can blindly accept vaccine science with this pharma-fueled crisis occurring right under their noses is the absolute epitome of delusion.

Dorit lurks in the Shots Heard private Facebook group, which is administered and moderated by employees of Public Good Projects, a ‘nonprofit’ that received $883,000 from pharma lobbyist group ‘BIO’ in 2021. The Facebook group is linked to many government and political organizations, but behind prying eyes, members conspired to deny civil rights to anyone who violated their political and pro-pharma agendas.

Dorit Supports Anti-Autonomy Members of Shots Heard

We noticed Dorit liked a private “Shots Heard” forum post from Long Island pediatrician Eve Meltzer Krief MD. Eve is a member of the school board in Long Island and was an outspoken advocate for removing religious vaccination exemptions. Poor Eve was attacked by the ‘anti-vaccination’ (read: Pro-Constitutional Rights) community. Now Eve wants to be a county legislator. Yikes.

Why do people get so mad when you take away rights and inject experimental stuff into them? Weird!

Fun fact. Eve got her medical degree from the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Sacklers created Purdue Pharma, the developer of Oxycodone, the drug that helped kick off the opioid epidemic raging in San Francisco and devastating the rest of the United States. We can trust vaccines ya’ll!

Another Shots Heard Member, Eve Meltzer-Krief was educated at the Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv.

Dorit Supported Private COVID Vaccine Mandates for Unlicensed Vaccines Under Emergency Use Authorization

Dorit claims the vaccine incidents of myocarditis are ‘rare’. When confronted by the evidence of the unexplained death of healthy 18-year-old Trista Martin, Dorit scolded her grieving family.

Delusional Dorit

Unlike Dorit, we actually read Trista’s autopsy. The family had to initiate medical license board complaints against Trista’s doctors for the release of records, which took 9 months. Nothing to see here!

Article “Celebrating Trista’s Life”

We’ve interviewed the Martin family and many others injured by Dorit’s beloved vaccines. You can watch the interview with the Martins, Stephanie DeGarey, Sean Martin’s father Dan, and Raelene Gotze, whose daughter Caitlin died after being vaccinated. Dorit is undeterred when confronted with real people harmed by the actions of social silencers like Shots Heard.

An interview with families of children killed by vaccines

Dorit Helped Push Through AB277 with Richard Pan

In 2015 an unconstitutional law was pushed through by Senator and Doctor Richard Pan. This was Dorit’s first taste of destruction of American society and it must have been delicious. She wrote an article in the SF Daily Journal titled “Parents have no right to expose other kids”. Dorit also spoke to the CA Senate Judiciary Committee in 2015 about SB277 before its passage. In her testimony, she argued that the legislature has the leeway to require school immunization and that non-medical exemptions are unnecessary.

It is important to note that SB 277 leaves untouched the right of parents to refuse vaccines for their children. Indeed, a doctor cannot vaccinate without parental consent. But the proposed law removes the ability of parents to send unvaccinated children to school or daycare, making those environments less safe for others.

Parents have no right to expose other kids, Dorit Reiss, 3/30/15
Broken Truth Article

Dorit, a member of the Shots Heard group filled with democrats, decried the ‘politicization of science’ to the American Bar Association.

Dorit is a professor of law. Dorit is a member of a political hit squad parading as a non-profit misinformation service. Dorit cries about the politicization of science to the American Bar Association. This would be comical if the stakes weren’t the survival of the United States.

One can’t help but wonder if UC Hastings now known as “UC Law SF” is concerned that their professors devote too much time to dismantling human rights and not enough ‘teaching’. In 2016 the law school was exposed for having a mere 51% bar pass rate, 11% below the national average.

Why does the FDA give Dorit a pedastal?

Check out these stellar quotes from Dorit where she was on stage speaking about using police to FORCE mandatory vaccines. In one instance, Dorit is speaking next to the FDA’s own Paul Offit, who appears a little uncomfortable.

“We can certainly go further than school immunization mandates. For example France and Italy have criminal laws for certain vaccines. It would be almost certainly constitutional to have them here”


“Sending, basically police to enforce forced vaccination can in some communities backfire. It certainly isn’t easy on anyone. So it’s not something done easily. It can be done. But it’s just not done easily.”


“So, remember what we’re talking about. We’re not talking about telling parents ‘whether you wish to or not we’re going to tie your child down and vaccinate them. That’s something that, if done, is only done in extreme circumstances.”

Dorit’s pro-fascist statements for forced vaccination

Perhaps Dorit should review the Nuremberg Code before espousing seemingly Nazi policies? I honestly can’t believe I have to write this line about someone from Israel. We need to do a follow-up article about what is happening in the education system in Israel to foster this type of monstrous ideology. Truly disgusting. Any law she’s been associated with should be repealed. Luckily, despite teaching at UC Hastings Law School, Dorit doesn’t have a BAR license. Dorti’s done enough damage without one.

For example, Dorit wrote a paper on how American parents are abusing religious exemptions, because Dorit knows the hearts of men and women. Thou Shalt Not Take the Name of the Lord Thy God in Vain: Use and Abuse of Religious Exemptions from School Immunization Requirements. The irony is medical doctors have been playing God for quite some time.

Filipe Rafaeli wrote an excellent article about the topic of members of society participating in horrors under the auspices of ‘the greater good. “The day I understood the ‘good German’ can be viewed here.

Dorit is a Disaster on Twitter

Check out this Twitter exchange between Dorit and James Lindsay, who pointed out how Germans segregated Jews under the auspices of ‘public health’. Is this the future Dorit is trying to create? Watch how Dorit tries to deflect her irresponsible ideas by claiming that James is ‘misusing’ the holocaust. Is there an appropriate way to ‘use’ the holocaust???

Seems like Doris has forgotten the important lessons learned in WWII to initate her liberal agenda as a new arrival in the United States. What exactly did they teach her in her Alma Mater, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem?

Doris’s deflection of any responsibility for her actions or the actions of the pharmaceutical companies she advocates for is similar to the behavior of Jonathan Greenblatt. Jonathan is head of the Anti-Defamation League, an organization currently at odds with Elon Musk for his refusal to censor voices the ADL doesn’t like. As one headline recently stated: The Anti-Defamation League no longer speaks for Jews but for the woke.” And the woke are all Democrats.

The ADL is also linked to Purpose, the group that partnered with the United Nations to create “Team Halo”. Team Halo was another censorship group we’ve covered. Team Halo used doctors and other medical professionals to promote vaccine propaganda and silence critics of big pharma. Purpose is owned by Cap Gemini, an internet company and US defense contractor based in France. Check out their map of connections below.

Note: After a series of frauds were exposed in the group, Team Halo shut down their website.

Dorit and the Weakness of Vaccine Science

Age of Autism has done some tremendous deep dives into Dorit’s history of freedom repression and vaccine voodoo. In this paper, AofA exposed other groups Dorit is involved in.

How Dorit Got Started

We’d like to end with a mention of how Dorit allegedly got involved in vaccines. According to her Wikipedia page:

Reiss says her focus on immunization advocacy started in 2010, with the birth of her son. There had been stories on the news about a whooping cough epidemic, which prompted Reiss to seek advice from her doctor on how to protect her child. As her son was too young, the doctor’s advice was to undergo immunization herself.

Dorit’s Wikipedia

This made us think about the incredible Pink Floyd song “Mother”.

“Mama’s gonna make all your nightmares come true.
Momma’s gonna put all her fears into you”.

Pink Floyd’s “Mother”, from ‘The wall’

Enjoy the song, Dorit, even if you’re tone-deaf to reality.

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