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Thursday June 13, 2024

Pediatric Cardiologist & Clinical Prof. Led “Shots Heard” Attacks with a Fake Facebook Account

Nothing says $cience like medical doctors with untraceable facebook accounts attacking young girls.

Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover.

AI Rendering of Francisco

Today’s Shots Heard Hall of Shame focuses on a group member with a fake account that caused very real problems for many people, targeting college students, other medical doctors, and even WIX hosted websites. The group member’s fake name is Francisco El Callejero Monterrey.

Shots Heard is a private Facebook group that is administered and moderated by employees of Public Good Projects, a ‘nonprofit’ that received $883,000 from pharma lobbyist group ‘BIO’ in 2021. The Facebook group is linked to many government and political organizations, but behind prying eyes members conspired to deny civil rights to anyone who violated their political and pro-pharma agendas.

We first noticed Francisco when he pursued a young college-age girl named Cait Corrigan who also happens to be a Reverend. Based on Francisco’s love of sombreros, mariachi, and tons of prepared COVID scare propaganda graphics, we had a feeling the account wasn’t exactly on the up and up.

Cait Corrigan was quite a problem for the anti-autonomy community. Just a few weeks before Francisco’s post, the Boston Globe ran an article about a protest organized by Cait at Boston University.

The article, written by Kay Lazar, seemed very concerned by Cait’s crusade to provide information on how to properly word religious exemptions for anyone looking to avoid the vaccine that was mandated for businesses by Joe Biden’s administration but was ultimately ruled unconstitutional. The pro-vaccine movement and pharma lobbyists were desperate to push their pricks into every single American as possible. Only later did we find out that the FDA didn’t even have a proper system set up to measure adverse reactions to the shots. As Dr. Drew Reported this week, the FDA wasn’t even following up properly when children had heart attacks after receiving the shots.

You’d think Shots Heard member Francisco, a clinical professor and pediatric cardiologist would be somewhat interested in that, but no, he was more interested in silencing dissent. SCIENCE!

Cait was such a threat to the anti-autonomy establishment. Earlier in 2021 she won a fight against Earlham School of Religion in Indiana by single-handedly changing the policy requiring a negative covid test and proof of vaccination to attend graduation.

Robert F. Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense website ‘The Defender’ covered Cait’s brave story. That’s probably what got her on the radar of the Shots Heard pharma pfaith acolytes. The story took a darker turn though as Boston University kicked Cait out. Cait ultimately filed a lawsuit against Boston University for the action on the grounds that the school violated Cait’s civil rights.

View the PDF of her complaint here.

There’s Something About Boston

Does anyone think it’s weird that Boston, home of the famous Tea Party, would now be the home to tyranny? What else is in Boston…oh yeah, Brigham And Women’s Hospital! Home of Mandeep Mehra, co-author of the disgraced Surisphere paper used to discredit the benefits of hydroxychloroquine early into the COVID wars. You can read the latest on that paper here.

Broken Truth’s Article on the Surgisphere Scandal

Public Good Projects Board member is the Senior Diversity Officer at Boston University

Would you be surprised to find out there’s a link between the Boston Globe, Boston University, and Public Good Projects, the pharma lobbyist-funded organizer of Shots Heard Round the World? Meet Andrea L. Taylor, a (former?) BOARD MEMBER of Public Good Projects. In what is a sign that The Public Good Projects despicable actions have made the group radioactive to both it’s members and leadership, Andrea’s LinkedIn doesn’t show she is or was a board member for PGP. In fact, Andrea’s board membership is not even listed on her Wikipedia, which is supposed to be a bastion of facts, right? Luckily the Wayback Machine saved Andrea’s role on the Board of Directors for PGP.

Interestingly, Andrea started as a reporter for the Boston Globe. It’s such a small world, ya’ll!

Check out some of the other great connections that Public Good Projects has with USAID, CDC, FDA, and even the staff of the Obama White House in this awesome map of connections available on LittleSis.org.

Francisco went after WIX pages of people he (or she) didn’t agree with, ultimately expressing frustration when WIX didn’t censor pages like he wanted.

The week Francisco targeted Cait, he also went after Nicole Sirotek and the American Frontline Nurses. Nicole is famous for many reasons, but probably for her testimony to Senator Ron Johnson in Washington DC detailing her nightmare experience working in hospitals in the early phases of the COVID wars.

Nicole Sirotek Senate Testimony

Dr. Francisco V The American Frontline Nurses and Nicole Sirotek

Here Francisco targets the American Frontline Nurses. Francisco and others in the group didn’t like how ‘One of them lists herself as a ‘vaccine whistle blower’. Complaints were lodged against her nursing licenses in multiple states. The attacks against Nicole were vicious and frightening to the point where Nicole changed her name in order to avoid threats. Francisco was able to encourage multiple board complaints against Sirotek, who ultimately gave up fighting for her nursing licenses due to the overwhelming financial legal burden. Apparently, Mobile, AL nurse Heather Keedy Bateman was also part of the complaints against Nicole. This is a standard goal of most lawfare against citizens. Force targets to give up their fight due to financial burdens imposed. Lawfare was featured as a tactic in the Chinese military book titled “Unrestricted Warfare” as a way to take down an enemy without firing a shot.

You can view more of Nicole’s story in her interview with Broken Truth as part of our Targeted Intellectuals series.

AFLN Shots Heard
AFLN Shots Heard

Targeted Intellectuals: The Attacks on the American Frontline Nurses

Francisco Targeted Mary Talley Bowden

I’m not sure who hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but going after Dr. Mary Talley Bowden is a bad idea. Dr. Sham Francisco was apparently part of the team that submitted medical license complaints against Dr. Bowden. That group of “I don’t like what she is saying” complaint filers included other doctors like Dr. Christina Propst, also in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Bowden was and is harassed mercilessly online, sometimes even with in-person harassment at her place of business.

We interviewed Dr. Bowden as part of our Targeted Intellectuals series. Her story is powerful and recently resulted in an appeals court win against the FDA for its intentional misinformation campaign about Ivermectin.

FDA Appeal Smackdown
FDA Appeal Smackdown
Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, Targeted Individual

Francisco Led Shots Heard to Remove Vaccine Research from Google Drive

When Francisco found a Vaccine Research posted by someone he suspected to be Ashley Everly, he led a campaign to report every single folder continuing the unflattering vaccine data. If there’s one thing Francisco’s science doesn’t like, it’s RESEARCH. Unless it’s NIH or Pharma funded, of course.

Hilariously, Francisco complains about having to report each folder of the drive one at a time to Google. Censoring should be easier!


Francisco Censored a PhD in Nutritional Sciences

Francisco was on a tear in the fall of 2021. In this post he targeted Nutritional Scientists Chris Masterjohn PhD.

How to Identify Francisco

Francisco used his alias account to communicate with YouTube Microstar Dr. Z Dogg. In his communication, he identified certain details about himself or herself.

So the details we have on Francisco are:

  • Lived in Ontario
  • Clinical Professor
  • Pediatric Cardiologist

Rather than dedicate significant amounts of time identifying whoever this person who censored doctors, nurses, students, clergy, and nutritionists is, we’re just going to levy this charge against every single pediatric cardiologist associated with a university and lived in Ontario.

We’ve seen enough unexplained cardiac events post-vaccination to say that perhaps Francisco’s behavior is endemic to the entire pediatric cardiologist field. Congrats “Francisco”. You’re guilty of conduct unbecoming of a medical doctor and have discredited an entire medical field with your obsession.

By the way, if it turns out Francisco isn’t actually a mariachi, he may be accused of being racist. That happened to former head of customs Steve Winwood in 2001 as we covered in our article ‘Stop Raping the Kids’. Winwood was involved in a takedown of the pedophile porn dealing brother of the 20th largest democrat donor of 2020, Josh Bekenstein. Josh also happens to be Mitt Romney’s business partner. Steve was punished with a garbage article for wearing a sombrero to an office party in the late 90’s.

Read all about it here below.

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