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Friday June 14, 2024

A Convicted Pedophile and His Big Donor Brother

Why is the media so averse to protecting children?

It happened. “Sound of Freedom” is a hit. Millions of concerned Americans are now aware of something that for some strange reason liberals, RINOs and mass media don’t want you to know about: Children are kidnapped, raped, and prostituted all over the world. 

The part that the ‘news’ doesn’t really want you to understand is that these are not one-off, lone-wolf events conducted by a few deranged psychopaths. “Sound of Freedom” exposes an organized, connected network of child kidnappers, rapists and pimps who perform the most heinous acts imaginable. These child rapists and enablers exist all over the world and they are at work, right now. These monsters greatest fear is that the sheeple will realize they exist and do something about them. 



By now we’ve all heard the strange stories of child rapists running the government as part of the ‘conspiracy theory’ movement. If it were true, why don’t we hear about it on the news? Or in local papers? Are the lack of headlines of child torture, rape and murder because rampant child abuse doesn’t exist? Is it possible that the hit pieces against “Sound of Freedom” recently foisted on us by Vice, Rolling Stone, Guardian, and CNN are correct? There is no issue with child sexual trafficking?

No. Not at all. And fun side note, for CNN to push that narrative while it’s own employees have recently been sentenced for doing what the network claims isn’t done is absolutely absurd, but completely expected for a network run by David Zaslav and operated by Biden buddy and former Colbert Showrunner Chris Licht.

1980’s Fleming School Scandal

To understand why these large media companies would want to discredit something as universally uniting as the protection of children, it’s important to understand what type of criminal these people are hiding, and who these criminals are connected to. Take the case of convicted felon, porn dealer, and child molester Seth Bekenstein. In the 1980’s he was convicted of child molestation at a The Fleming School in NYC, then convicted in 1987 on charges of sexual abuse and placed on three years probation. One victim reported this occurred at while she was in kindergarten until 5th grade. We can only find one case online referring to an ‘infant’ and ‘Seth B.’ regarding child sexual abuse while he was a teacher at Fleming School

“The infant plaintiff, a former student at the defendant Fleming School, sues for damages occasioned by sexual abuse committed by defendant Seth B., a teacher at the school. Seth B. pleaded guilty in New York County to sexual abuse in the second degree admitting subjecting plaintiff and another underaged person to sexual conduct.

At his examination before trial, defendant refused to answer questions with regard to his employment at Fleming School, the infant plaintiff, and his post-college history. He further asserted a physician/patient privilege with regard to whether he had ever received psychiatric care.”

Casetext, Child v. Fleming School, Appeal from the Supreme Court, New York County (Harold Baer, Jr., J.).  Jan 16, 1992

Fleming school shut down after these allegations arose, and you’ll find very little about it online.

1999 Blue Orchid Scandal

  From there, Seth’s story gets even worse. In 1999, Italian officials began an investigation into a massive international child pornography ring. Homeless children in Russia were targeted, kidnapped, tortured, raped and sometimes murdered – all on camera. The ‘films’ were then shipped as National Geographic videos to buyers all over the world.  In September of 2000, Italian police released footage examples to local journalists who aired the films of children being raped and murdered on two stations. The nation exploded in outrage. The attention to the case led to over over 1,700 people with many arrested and charged. Other countries were notified as well. 

  Working with Russian officials, U.S. Customs enforcement arrested Seth Bekenstein, now living in Walnut Creek, California, for being the “Best Customer” of what became known as the Blue-Orchid child pornography ring. This ring stretched across the planet, from Russia, Italy the United States, and even Israel, with Russian-Jewish mafia being implicated in the production of the films. The most gruesome, police said, was coded “Necros Pedo,” in which children were raped and tortured to death on camera. The tapes allegedly generated revenues of over 400 million dollars for their makers.

  Seth allegedly purchased every video made and in turn re-distributed the films to a network of buyers. This led officials to execute warrants in Tampa, Florida, Salk Lake City, San Diego and Santa Barbara. Multiple child porn dealers were arrested and convicted due to this case, but it’s difficult to find them online. The scale of this case was incredible, despite the lack of coverage of the case by the mainstream news.

  Seth was apparently flush with cash. Assistant US Attorney Elise Becker was concerned that Seth had access to an ‘unlimited amount of money’ and was a flight risk. According to an article at the time, Seth’s brother Josh Bekenstein traveled from Massachusetts to Oakland and posted a $500,000 bond, stating “I don’t think there is any evidence he would move out of the country”

Sit tight on Josh – you won’t believe how incredibly connected he is to the highest levels of government. 

  Seth was convicted of acquiring and distributing videos of children being raped on camera. Some sources state the videos featured children being murdered on camera as well.

  Seth was given two 18 month sentences served consecutively by Utah native and probable Mormon Democrat Judge D. Lowell Jensen. After serving his sentence, Seth moved to Mexico. Media requests to former US Attorney Elise Becker LaPunzina to find out why such lenient sentences were accepted by the DOJ were ignored. We can’t help but wonder if the allegations of mormon judges being on the take have been go far deeper than the 2020 elections. It’s easy to imagine Mormon Mitt Romney getting a special deal for his good buddy Josh’s brother. If it made josh look bad, it would make Mitt look bad, and in 2001 Mitt had quite the bright career ahead of him as Governor of Massachusetts in 2003.

Before you think we’re picking on the mormon church, note that “Sound of Freedom”s Tim Ballard is also a member of the Church of Latter-day Saints.  

One other interesting note, the Blue Orchid operation involved a head of customs named Charles Winwood. Mr. Winwood. On March 26, 2001 CNN ran a story featuring Mr. Winwood and the US Customs involvement in the case which had been ongoing for months and had resulted in many arrests before the story was written. Just one week earlier a hit piece came out in the San Antonio Business Journal attacking Mr. Winwood for wearing a sombrero to an office party YEARS EARLIER. Was Winwood attacked because he went against the establishment and arrested a network of pedofiles? You be the judge. Modern history is filled with people who do the right thing being attacked.

2010 From Walnut Creek to Mexico

I’d like to tell you that after such a paltry 18 month sentence Seth corrected his life. But you already know that’s not what happened. 

  In 2010, agents investigating another child porn ring caught Seth operating out of his residence in Mexico, enabling and trading child pornography with others all over the world. The internet had given these people a vehicle to create, share and trade child porn films and photos more than ever  before. 

  Agents arrested Seth for one count of transportation of child pornography. He was sentenced to 15 years in the Lompoc prison in California. In the new sting Seth bragged about having gigabytes of child pornography and was clearly undeterred by his previous convictions. This time Seth was sentenced to over a decade in jail in what appears to be Lompoc Minimum Security Prison.

After researching on Pacer we discovered unsealed complaints describing Seth’s behavior by the DOJ.

This will be defendant’s third conviction for an offense relating to the sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of children. He was convicted of second degree sexual abuse in New York state court in 1987, after he repeatedly slapped the bare buttocks of a boy with a yardstick and put his finger in the boy’s anus (PSR ¶ 55). He received a probationary sentence in that case (id.). In 2002, he was convicted of three counts of receiving child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography in federal court in the Northern District of California (PSR ¶ 56). He received a sentence of 18 months’ imprisonment followed by a three-year term of supervised release in that case (id.).2 He was found in violation of the conditions of supervised release after his probation officer discovered 80 video tapes and DVDs depicting nude minors, and books and written materials referencing minors engaged in sexual activity, at defendant’s residence (id.).

Defendant attended sex offender treatment during his term of supervised release in the federal case (PSR ¶ 71). He was described as “resistant to treatment” and as displaying “little remorse” for his behavior (id.). Twelve weeks of aversion therapy failed to diminish his deviant arousals (id.). Defendant elected not to continue treatment (id.). In March 2006, he was assessed as presenting a moderate risk to re-offend (id.). That risk is now manifest.

Defendant’s sexual attraction to young boys continued. While living in California, he repeatedly sent child pornography to who he thought was a 14-year-old boy. He also spoke of traveling to New Hampshire to meet and have sex with the boy. And of course, he continued to traffic in graphic images of the sexual abuse of young boys.

Defendant was well-placed in the nefarious world of child pornography producers and traffickers. He received original images directly from the people who produced them, and passed those images along to other collectors and traders. He traded images and videos with pedophiles in the United States, Ecuador, Russia, and Europe. He arranged for the delivery of an encrypted hard drive containing child pornography to the suspect in Vancouver. He asked that suspect to obtain images child pornography, and send the images to him in Mexico.

Defendant’s criminal conduct was both egregious and relentless. But for his cooperation and assistance, the government would be seeking a sentence at the high end of the applicable guideline range, if not an upward departure. However, defendant’s cooperation was the key to helping identify and successfully prosecute a serial child molester and pornography producer.

Case 3:11-cr-00043-MO Document 45 Filed 12/05/13

Download Case file below.

Seth Bekenstein is scheduled for release on 11/23/2023. 

Mitt Voted for Kentanji Jackson, Kentanji Went Easy on Pedofiles


Every day there’s a new arrest of a monster caught with child porn or molesting children. This problem is not made easier by the lenient efforts of Judges like D. Lowell Jenson (D) or more recently Kentaji Brown Jackson. In 2014 Judge Jackson gave convicted sex offender Leo Weekes time served (5 months) for failing to register as a sex offender following his 2010 conviction for raping his 13 year old niece. A year later he sexually assaulted his sister-in-law resulting in his arrest. She decided not to press charges and he was released. Prosecutors had earlier requested he be given 2 years in jail, but Judge Jackson let him go.

The New York Post exposed many of her nightmarish decisions on April 2, 2022 stating:

In the eight child-porn cases that came before her court, former D.C. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson heard horrifying details of “sadomasochistic” torture of young kids — including “infants and toddlers” — yet challenged the disturbing evidence presented by prosecutors and disregarded their prison recommendations to give the lightest possible punishments in each case, according to transcripts of sentencing hearings obtained by the Post.
In some cases, she even apologized to some of the kiddie-porn perverts for having to follow the statutes, which she called “substantially flawed.”

Ketanji Brown Jackson chose leniency even in baby sex torture cases
NYPost April 2, 2022
Kentanji Brown-Jackson

Over and over, the records reveal, Jackson made excuses for the sex fiends’ criminal behavior and cut them slack in defiance of investigators and prosecutors — and sometimes even probation officers serving her court — who argued for tougher sentences because the cases were particularly egregious or the defendants weren’t remorseful. 

  Are we so blinded by the color of a person’s skin (or their party affiliation) that the content of their character is irrelevant? Why is it that when someone like Marjorie Taylor-Green points out the failings of Judge Jackson the left attacks her for it? Who is left to fight for children? Certainly not Mitt Romney, who voted for Kentanji Brown Jackson to be a member of the supreme court. Someone should tell Mitt that diversity over sanity is a bad look. Then again, this is a man who voted to impeach Trump for attempting to expose Biden family crimes in Ukraine. Mitt also voted to add more witnesses and extend the trial at a time when the United States was under what increasingly appears to be a biological attack from foreign and domestic enemies of the United States. Some might call that action treason as it delayed President Trump from acting on the looming threat of Covid-19, which even Nancy Pelosi called ‘self evident’

Even this week the California Assembly democrats voted against a republican effort to reclassify human trafficking felonies as a 3 strikes crime. Only after Californians went off on them did the politicans realize the error in their ways. These politicians are so blinded by ‘the game’ that they are incapable of seeing logic and reason anymore.


His Brother’s Keeper?


Let’s go back to Mitt Romney and Seth’s brother Josh Bekenstein who posted Seth’s 500k bail. Who is Josh Bekenstein? Josh Bekenstein is a managing director of Bain Capital and longtime business partner of Utah Senator and former Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Josh and Bain Capital are responsible for the destruction of iconic businesses like Toys R’ US, bilking millions out of the dying company and then stiffing

employees on their severance. Josh is also a trustee to the Dana Farber cancer institute, which came under fire for trustees profiting from their connections to the hospital. It was apparently quite the scandal with multiple trustees resigning positions. Considering that child torturer Anthony Fauci and the NAIAD is involved with Dana-Farber, it makes sense for Josh and 5 members of Bain Capital are on the board. 

Bain also owns (through subsidiaries) teen camps where alleged abuse and deaths occurred. Perhaps Venture Capitalists like Mitt and Josh need to take a break from owning companies like CRC Health Group?

Josh Bekenstein, Seth’s brother, Mitt Romney’s Billionaire Business Partner and 20th Largest Democrat Donor in 2020

Not-So-Bright Horizons?

  In 2020, Bright Horizons, one of the largest daycare providers in the US (also owned by Bain), settled a lawsuit alleging children were molested an an Orlando facility. The details of the settlement were sealed, which should be illegal in cases like this. It also came out that Bright Horizons was paying for the legal defense of the offender Jayrico Hamilton. Would you believe that Josh Bekenstein is on the board of directors for Bright Horizons Family Solutions

  In a recently filed lawsuit against Bright Horizons in California, a Christian woman named Nelli Parisenkova alleges she was allowed a religious exemption to reading books about homosexual marriage and lifestyles to toddlers. According to the lawsuit:

on or around April 7, 2022, Katy Callas, the director of the location where Ms. Parisenkova worked, discovered Ms. Parisenkova’s religious beliefs in this regard. Ms. Callas, who is lesbian, apparently took personal offense at Ms. Parisenkova’s religious beliefs.
Ms. Callas called Ms. Parisenkova into her office, questioned her in an irate manner, told her that if she did not want to celebrate diversity this was not the place for her to work, gave her an administrative leave memo, escorted her outside with a security guard, and left her out in the 96-degree heat with no transportation. As a result, Ms. Parisenkova was forced to walk 20 minutes in the heat and wait 45 minutes for transportation. She suffered heat exhaustion and the physical effects of heat exhaustion for the next two days. She was afraid to return to work.

Ms. Parisenkova formally requested a religious accommodation from Bright Horizons that aligned with her prior informally granted request. Bright Horizons responded by categorically denying the request. Bright Horizons did not engage in any negotiations and made no attempt whatsoever to determine whether a reasonable accommodation could be reached. Instead, Bright Horizons issued a counseling memo with false statements, terminated her life-insurance benefits, required her to complete retraining in diversity issues, and encouraged her to resign her position. Ms. Parisenkova could not return to work without an accommodation; so, Bright Horizons terminated her employment.

The case states further: 

In this case, Ms. Parisenkova was not posting or displaying any negative messages regarding same-sex relationships. She was only seeking to be excused from promoting same-sex relationships due to the conflict with her sincere religious beliefs.

   So you have a Christian woman not pushing her ideology onto anyone being punished by a domineering woman, with the support of her company, who demands employees ‘celebrate’ her sexuality. I submit to you that a daycare center is not the place to obsess over sexuality. Additionally, any persons who attempt to make daycare centers of small children a battleground for such adult ideologies should be encouraged to mind the screen door on the way out. Clearly, the minds in charge of Bright Horizons are not focused on protecting children. This is the world Josh Bekenstein and Mitt Romney have brought you, in the state that seems hell bent on removing freedom of religion from the world.

Take the Fight to the Airwaves?

  You might feel an inclination to go to your local radio station to complain about this and other atrocities ongoing around the country. This would be a pointless endeavor because in 2008 Josh and Mitt’s Bain Capitol gobbled up Clear Channel Communications, owner of a massive number of radio stations across the country. When raping a country, it’s best to cover it’s mouth so it can’t call for help. 

   Side note: It took a bit of digging to find articles linking this Josh Bekenstein to Seth, ultimately going to newspapers.com for an old article clipping for confirmation. Sometimes when you have issues finding an article online, it indicates someone used a data scrubbing service to help remove public references to a story.  Additionally, I’ve been both disappointed and saddened at how all law enforcement agents and prosecutors in the Seth Bekenstein cases have refused comment or claimed not to have actually worked on the case. I suppose it’s hard to speak up when the brother of one of the President Biden’s largest donors is involved. 

  Josh’s most important claim to fame is that he’s one of the top 20 largest political donors of  2020, primarily giving to Democrats. Giving over 700k to Joe Biden’s campaign alone with millions going to primarily democrats and “RINO” Republicans like Mitt Romney.  

When Josh and Mitt launched Bain in the 80’s they received early investments from Robert Maxwell, father of recently convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, Sir Jack Lyons the Guinness fraudster, and the Salvadoran de Sola family, which was suspected by the CIA of supporting death squads in El Salvador. This is a company founded with the dirty money of fraudsters and criminals and they feed the leaders of our nation. By the way, We’re still waiting for the FBI to announce who Ghislaine trafficked minor girls to.  

  While no man is responsible for his brother’s actions, you can’t help but wonder with so much money earned on the backs of crushed companies like Toys R’ Us, why couldn’t Josh pay a private eye to keep an eye on his brother? Why hasn’t he helped the kids harmed by his brothers actions? It also leaves one wondering if Mitt Romney was ever actually Republican. How can one make billions with someone who is ideologically opposed to everything you claim to be for? Birds of a feather flock together, so they say. Speaking of flocking, Mitt and Josh’s “Bain Capital” is also a member of the World Economic Forum, the anti-American syndicate that has infiltrated most western governments with the ironic promise of ‘you will own nothing and be happy’.

Grooming America to Normalize Abuse

  The truth is now we have so normalized child porn, sex crimes and medical torture to the point that it barely makes the news. We celebrate incompetent judges who let perpetrators walk. We are censored for speaking our truth about fraud and atrocities while perverts attempt to mutilate our children’s minds and bodies for billion dollar profits under the guise of inclusion and diversity. As the film “The Real Anthony Fauci” just told us, even our doctors and pharma companies will happily torture and kill children in the name of science – like they did in New York HIV drug trials – with no punishment. Our law enforcement is frustrated by prosecutors who choose politics over justice. Our professional class doesn’t want to get involved and risk interrupting the gravy train.

  While all these groups betray their people for profit, the sleeping giant, the good people of America, have begun to stir. As more films like “Sound of Freedom” break through the embargo of truth held by companies like Discovery, NBC/Universal,  Disney, and Fox, I fear there is a reckoning coming for the politicians and establishment who greedily drink from the cup of dirty money and refuse to protect our children. No judge, law, boardroom or legal loophole in the world will stop it, because as we have learned, God’s children are not for sale. 


Former CNN producer sentenced to more than 19 years for sexual assault of 9-year-old girl

Stephen Colbert Gives Heartfelt Send-Off to Chris Licht, Praises His “Tenacity in the Face of Opposition”

Casetext, Child v. Fleming School, Appeal from the Supreme Court, New York County (Harold Baer, Jr., J.).  January 16, 1992

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Government censorship should scare us just as much as COVID once did



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