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Sunday April 21, 2024

“Banning Works”: Dr. Todd Wolynn’s War on Bodily Autonomy & Speech

Pittsburgh Dr. Todd Wolynn led a digital army, including foreign nationals, in a civil war against fellow Doctors & Americans.

Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover and explain why so many doctors were afraid to speak out at the height of COVID. See all our reporting on these online harassment groups here.

Meet the “Vaxx-Man”

When waves of his fellow humans cried out in anguish from the ongoing disaster that is our COVID response, Todd Wolynn, co-founder of a vaccine lobbyist-linked group called Shots Heard, unleashed his group on doctors, nurses, clergy, students, victims, and families of children who died with unexplained links to COVID vaccines. Despite signs his minions were going too far, General Todd was silent. The masses of blocked and banned American victims grew with nowhere to turn.

Todd Wolynn

Born from a negative social media response

The story goes that Wolynn’s office published a video promoting vaccines and then the video was shared in a closed Facebook group called “Vaccine Choices – Fact VS Fiction”.

Over the next six days, he said, the video drew more than 10,000 anti-vaccine comments. Negative reviews dropped the practice’s Google rating from 4.6 to less than one star, Hermann said.

“We’re in WW3,” said one anti-vaccine commenter, likening the immunization debate to a world war. “The militaries around the world need to get together and stop this insanity.”

Hermann said most of the commenters didn’t live in Pennsylvania, and some didn’t even live in the United States. The biggest concentrations were from California, the Florida Panhandle, Ohio, Texas and Oregon, Hermann said.

“They’re coordinating attacks and sending the troops,” Hermann said.

Anti-vaccine activists have doctors ‘terrorized into silence’ with online harassment, March 18, 2019
A welcome banner to the group. It seems nice!

The group “Vaccine Choices – Fact VS Fiction” was organized by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. Dr. Tenpenny’s license was recently stripped from her by Ohio medical license officials – the same body that drug its feet in punishing exposed fraudster Sapan Desai. In May 2020, Sapan Desai forged study data in a manner that was used by the WHO, FDA, and NIH to claim Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous to patients, opening the way for Emergency Use Authorizations for the experimental mRNA vaccines that clearly don’t work against COVID.

Angered by the lack of respect for his authority, Wolynn, who has received hundreds of thousands of dollars for conducting vaccine research with the Merck and Sanofi pharmaceutical companies, founded “Shots Heard Round the World”. Shots Heard “includes tips on how to ban commenters, disable Facebook ratings and call in reinforcements — people who will post pro-vaccine information.”

Reported payments from pharmaceutical companies to Todd Wolynn MD via OpenPayments.


Enter Public Good Projects

In a country with First Amendment protections for freedoms of speech and religion, organized medical professionals supporting each other would seemingly be a good thing. Then Public Good Projects (PGP) took over management of the group. PGP is a far-left non-profit organization that at minimum received $883,000 in 2021 from BIO, a pharmaceutical lobbyist. PGP’s CEO Joe Smyser is linked to USAID, CDC and other US government entities. PGP appears to have received millions in federal grants that we are attempting to nail down. Shots Heard has become an 1100+ member-strong organization monitored by at least one Democrat campaign manager and Todd’s daughter.

Rishanne Golden Reported
Rishanne Golden Reported

Somewhere along the way, Shots Heard went rabid, attacking doctors whose early treatment protocols threatened pharmaceutical company profits and exposed holes in the knowledge of the medical world. Rather than review the information provided, the group labeled anyone they didn’t agree with – especially anyone conservative – an anti-vaxxer and bombarded those people online with attacks. Todd’s Shots Heard acolytes actively worked to cover the mouths of vaccine-injured and their families in their grief.

Rishanne Golden’s daughter died after receiving the meningococcal vaccine. Keith Law, a sportswriter and member of Shots Heard was active in silencing doctors using their rights to prescribe as well as silencing ‘antivaxxers’, even when those ‘antivaxxers’ had proven their children were harmed and/or killed by the vaccines.

You can view Rishanne’s testimony about her daughter’s death from a vaccine to the State of Ohio Congress here.

Read more about Keith Law‘s atrocious actions inside and outside of the group here.

Bad ideas came from above

Rather than reading the room and reviewing new data as concerns with the vaccines and hospital protocols came in, Todd and co were eager to exploit the censorship collaboration with social media that PGP could provide. In this video, Todd discusses the benefits of banning and de-platforming the ‘other side’. This is how the mass medical gaslighting of the United States really took off.

PGP’s primary goal was mind control

PGP under Joe Smyser was actively working with the forces behind the growing censorship movement to silence all dissenting voices on Twitter and all other major platforms, including Facebook. PGP was so proactive at silencing critics that they were even featured in Lee Fang’s ‘Twitter Files’ for routinely demanding Twitter accounts be censored or deleted for what they considered ‘misinformation’. What’s worse is these people have actively researched ways to ‘innoculate the mind’ of their targets, much like Nazis did in 1930s Germany, so that no evidence, no news, and no persuasion could penetrate the cloud of delusion the government creates. Terrifying.

You can read more about Joe Smyser and PGP’s role in the incredible censorship and propaganda campaigns across the world starting in 2020 here.

PGP and Joe Smyser
Group post where Todd et al were collaborating with Facebook

Doctors are ignorant of medical history

The problem for Todd and scores of medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical executives is that their institutions of education are not teaching them the dark histories they may have been part of. Patients entrust doctors to be educated but as has been exposed over the past few years, doctors are routinely untrained in the history of medicine and medications. In this clip of an interview featuring Todd Wolynn and co, Beth Hoffman admits that doctors aren’t taught about the Cutter Incident in medical school.

The cutter incident was one of the worst confirmed pharmaceutical disasters in history. According to Wikipedia:

In what became known as the Cutter incident, some lots of the Cutter vaccine—despite passing required safety tests—contained live polio virus in what was supposed to be an inactivated-virus vaccine. Cutter withdrew its vaccine from the market on April 27 after vaccine-associated cases were reported.

The mistake produced 120,000 doses of polio vaccine that contained live polio virus. Of children who received the vaccine, 40,000 developed abortive poliomyelitis (a form of the disease that does not involve the central nervous system), 56 developed paralytic poliomyelitis—and of these, five children died from polio. The exposures led to an epidemic of polio in the families and communities of the affected children, resulting in a further 113 people paralyzed and 5 deaths. The director of the microbiology institute lost his job, as did the equivalent of the assistant secretary for health. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby stepped down. Dr William H. Sebrell Jr, the director of the NIH, resigned

Wikipedia, The Cutter Incident

Medical schools should be ashamed for not teaching this and many other atrocities performed by medical and academic institutions on an unsuspecting public. We have compiled them into an easily reviewable map. For our government, medical and academic institutions to experiment on us and without proper consent is a significant violation of the Nuremberg code, a set of rules designed to protect humans on Earth after WWII.

Take this example in Philadelphia. In 1908, three Philadelphia researchers infected dozens of children with tuberculin at St. Vincent Orphanage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, causing permanent blindness in some of the children and painful lesions and inflammation of the eyes in many of the others. In the study, they refer to the children as “material used”.

In this interview segment, Todd implies that all concerns regarding mistrust of medical doctors or government intrusion into your bodily autonomy is crazy. If Todd doesn’t know about all the atrocities committed by his colleagues and predecessors, how can his statement be trusted?

Map of Unethical Experiments in the US

Good old-fashioned delusion

Todd and Shots Heard’s goal is vaccination. There is no evidence or concern that will change their opinion. It’s why members of the group like Richard Pan and Dorit Reiss spend their lives attempting to erode your freedoms. In this clip, Todd and Jaime Sidani discuss how they sit down with people to address their fears about the vaccine. What they actually mean is, anti-autonomy promoters should pretend to hear you and then repeatedly wear down your resistance until you take their useless shot.

Letter from Todd to the group

It’s all political

Repeatedly we came across severely leftist members of this group. The political aspect of this group is impossible to ignore and we can’t help but wonder if that should affect their non-profit status as a 501c3. Check out this Santa Clara contact tracer who is also part of Shots Heard. I wonder how she’s gonna vote? Read Nancy’s story here.

Nancy Alpert Twitter
Nancy Alpert Twitter

For example, Peter Hotez is the most embarrassing pro-vaccine advocate online. Check out this hilarious montage of Peter Hotez’s pathetic public statements around COVID-19 and vaccines over the years. When it benefitted Democrats and hurt Trump, vaccines weren’t safe. When a vaccine would benefit Biden, all aboard the vaccine train!

This shows how political science has become. How far would these people go to remove a sitting president?

It should come as no surprise that when Hotez needed help, here comes the digital cavalry!

If you want to dig deeper into Peter Hotez and his painfully deep links to pretty much everything wrong in medicine right now, check out this impressive thread (and don’t forget to follow) Champagne Joshi on Twitter.

As far as Todd’s political leanings, perhaps this will illuminate you to how anti-republican he is. When did doctors become so political?

We now know the lab leak theory was quite legitimate. Why was Todd so quick to discredit it? What else is Todd wrong about?

The silver lining?

Kids prefer pediatricians that are fun and not scary. It sucks that Todd couldn’t just play that role and be satisfied being a great doctor. The kind of doctor who reads the room and listens to the patients in America desperate to be heard.

There is more than enough evidence that the United States academic and medical institutions were willing to lie, forge, steal, and commit medical fraud to ensure the pandemic looked as terrible as possible.

Todd’s own statements indicate he and others were looking at the silver lining of COVID, which was renewed faith in vaccines. American’s faith in medicine is going out the window. Good riddance.

The worst part is as the group became more and more unhinged, we see no evidence of Todd attempting to rein them in. Todd created that which he claimed to hate – an online mob.

Some have linked Todd to the sickening website SorryAntivaxxer.com, an inhuman page that celebrates the death of the unvaccinated. The only evidence that Todd is involved with the site is that in some interviews and articles about Todd he is referred to as “vaxx man” . “Vaxman” is the name of the ringleader on Sorry Antivaxxer. As of press time, we have no other evidence that he is connected to the site in any way.

Whoever is behind “Sorry Antivaxxer” is a despicable person. If anything that website gives credence to claims that unvaccinated individuals are treated poorly in hospitals increasing the likelihood of death. We already have unvaccinated being denied organ transplants and other care – is it that difficult to imagine the unvaccinated’s health care could be sabotaged? Especially when websites like “Sorry Antivaxxer” exist which seem to encourage mistreatment?

A darker truth

Todd wanted to be on camera. He seemed to crave the limelight and was rewarded for toeing the line for one of the largest media advertising industries in the world. Todd has been featured in articles in all the big papers, networks, and websites. Todd was also part of Team Halo, a UN-endorsed group created to fight ‘misinformation’ with its own share of problems.

More and more information is coming to light regarding the Chinese lab leak. Because such efforts were made to conceal it, we must now also consider that this was an intentional release upon the world, targeted at the United States. The system of censorship that was put in place in 2019 has to be investigated and dismantled. Were the active, vocal, foreign nationals in Shots Heard just a bunch of assholes, or was there something else going on?

Freedom of speech exists to protect Americans from people like Todd who lose their way.

Freedom isn’t free

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