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Sunday June 4, 2023


Kevin Sorbo Interview

The next chapter in the best-selling Left Behind series is almost here. To celebrate the release, Kevin Sorbo spoke with Broken Truth about the insanity

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Justice for Trista

It doesn’t matter what party you belong to, crimes against children unite all of humanity. Trista Martin was a happy 18 year old girl planning

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Safe Blood

John and Clinton get the inside scoop about Safe Blood, a new service providing vaccine clean blood donors to patients in hospitals around the world.

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Nothing makes me think of Bill Gates like Vaccine Derived New York City Sewage Polio!

Should you be afraid of the polio found in New York sewers? Where did it come from? Relax dear viewer, representatives from a reclusive religious group at the heart of the latest Polio scare tactics news have come forward to provide clarity on what the media got wrong and where this sewer polio comes from. Hint hint: Bill Gates.

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