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Monday June 5, 2023

Who is Ray Epps?

He was the only person on camera speaking about going into the capitol the day before the fateful events of January 6. For an event that led to arrests for people who just walked on the grass, Ray Epps was left alone. When many were locked in jail for over a year, Ray never spent a moment incarcerated.  When old ladies with cancer were locked up for a month, Ray was in his camper in Arizona. Why would the FBI and Capitol Police take such a hands off approach to such a pivotal figure in the greatest potentially staged government event in the last two years? Was it because they don’t prosecute one of their own?
Who is Ray Epps and is he connected to Dominion Voting Systems? Broken Truth investigates.  Watch now!

Follow up with more information below.

Additional information:

The F.B.I. and C.I.A. recruit heavily from the Mormon population because they are usually cheaper to do a security clearance on, they often speak another language from their mission trips and they usually have a low risk lifestyle.


January 6 Prisoners describe worms in food, scurvy outbreaks from malnutrition, and beg to be moved to Guantanamo Bay and out of DC. 

All Revolver Ray Epps reports

Brilliant step-by-step video breakdown of Revolver News’ classic Ray Epps Part 2…

John Sullivan Wikipedia

Little Sis Outline of Dominion Links and Donations (Including Clinton Foundation). 

1993: George Soros puts 100 Million with Carlyle Group

Oct 2001 New York Times: Saudi’s Bin Laden family liquidates holdings with Carlyle Group (SAY WHAT??)

Back when NBC believed Dominion might be corrupt…

March 2015: Washington Post, Dominion Donated over 25k to the Clinton Foundation

May 2016, Fox News: Soros secret financing exposed in Panama Papers data dump

2017 Here’s the Clinton Foundations now deleted webpage from 2017 featuring Dominion, backed up through The Wayback Machine

July 2018: Staples Street Capital purchases Dominion Voting

Aug 2018: Great report connecting tons of dots across the DC establishment 

April 2019: Voting Machine Firm Hires Nancy Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff Nadeam Elshami  as Lobbysist.

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