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Tuesday May 28, 2024

The Dark Side: Jonathan Laxton MD is a Loyal Shots Heard Stormtrooper.

In this article, we expose Shots Heard member Jonathan Laxton, a Star Wars-loving propaganda-peddling doctor who is a member of at least 3 misinformation harassment squads.

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Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover. See all our reporting on these online harassment groups here.

Jonathan Laxton MD
Jonathan Laxton MD – Trooper outfit parody

What’s the best way to fight a pandemic? Would you want to collaborate with medical professionals on the ground and formulate solutions based on available treatments? Perhaps when unexpected treatments work, you meld minds with those around you to ensure you’re not undergoing a biological attack from various pathogens. Not if you’re Jonathan Laxton, MD, celebrity stormtrooper!
Warning: Lots of Star Wars references inbound!

Jonathan Laxton, MD is a vocal player in the world of ‘misinformation’ fighters. Jonathan is part of several groups connected to the Sith Empire, I mean United Nations, CDC, FDA, and other captured regulatory agencies. The three public/private groups we focus on today are our good friends Shots Heard Round the World, the recently deleted United Nations linked TEAM HALO, and a new one known as the ‘Mutton Crew.’

It’s a sheep joke. And you’re the sheep.

Shots Heard Round the World

We’ve covered Shots Heard extensively, and you should review our previous stories on these complex groups and the damage they’ve done to science and our ability to trust the media. Shots Heard Round the World manages a private Facebook group moderated by employees of Public Good Projects (PGP). PGP received $883,000 from a big pharma lobbyist group named BIO. Moderna, Pfizer, and Gilead are among BIO’s members. The group was weaponized by its members to attack anyone who spoke out about vaccine risks or alternative treatments to COVID-19 that were not profitable for pharmaceutical companies. The group’s leadership non-profit PGP was also featured in the “Twitter Files” by Lee Fang. Fang’s investigations revealed that Public Good Projects collaborated with Twitter to remove posts and accounts the group didn’t agree with – funded by pharma lobbyists. PGP’s CEO Joe Smyser was recently featured for developing what could be described as brainwashing – bombarding citizens with relentless propaganda in order to overwhelm one’s ability to discern fact. A Nazi mind trick. The group also utilizes high-tech social media tracking systems to monitor and prevent citizen’s voices from speaking truth to power.

Jonathan Laxton has been a group member at least since August of 2022.


Jonathan Laxton is also a member of Team Halo. Team Halo is a group created and managed by a non-profit called ‘Purpose’, which is owned by Capgemini, a French IT company and defense contractor. Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and Chairman of Purpose, a Public Benefit Corporation with offices on six continents (suck it, Antarctica!). He’s also behind another group called ‘All Out’. Team Halo picked unknown medical professionals and gave them massive numbers of followers on TikTok (another partner) to combat ‘misinformation’.

Like stormtroopers hunting down the rebellion, Jonathan and friends at TEAM HALO launched attacks on doctors, nurses, and even clergy to get social media accounts contrary to the Empire’s narrative taken down. So much for evidence-based medicine.

Jeremy Heimans

Team Halo had some unusual setbacks. Members were exposed for faking credentials, nurses used fake names, and generally speaking, many were a bit painful to listen to most of the time. The members didn’t just counter information that they disagreed with. Like crazed wookies, they actively attacked anyone they disagreed with, often employing embarrassingly obvious logical fallacies to accomplish the goals of the UN and WHO.

Even with all that, due to the connections of the group Team Halo was able to achieve significant publicity for some of the members. What’s more concerning is why are the UN and UK launching digital attacks on Americans. Are the British behind an attack on America, again?

A breakdown of Team Halo connections and presentation by
Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications, United Nations
Discussing how to suppress information by bringing in new doctors and giving them online clout.

Team Halo has recently gone dark, and their website is offline. Not great advertising for an IT company I guess. You can revisit Team Halo on the Wayback machine here.

Here’s a connections map we’ve put together of the entities behind Team Halo, like the Gates Foundation.

Who is the “Mutton Crew?”

The ‘Mutton Crew’ is a group of UK Army-linked online ‘soldiers’ who are part of the 77th Brigade. According to Wikipedia:

The 77th Brigade is a British Army formation, created in January 2015 by renaming the Security Assistance Group which was created under the Army 2020 concept. It is based at Denison Barracks in HermitageBerkshire and became operational in April 2015.

The brigade was named the 77th in tribute to the 77th Indian Infantry Brigade, which was part of the Chindits, an Indian Army guerilla warfare force led by Orde Wingate who used unorthodox tactics against the Japanese in Burma in World War II. The formation badge of the revived 77th shows a stylized lion known as a Chinthe in reference to the Chindits.

77th Brigade, Wikipedia
Dennison Barracks, Hermitage Berkshire, UK

Wired described the brigade as a “psychological operations unit responsible for ‘non-lethal’ warfare that reportedly uses social media to “control the narrative”, as well as disseminating UK government-friendly podcasts and videos.”

The group seems to have gone off the rails in tandem with the US, UK, and Canada federal governments. Rather than control the narrative, the mutton crew targets topics on social media and sets about harassing, hijacking, and intentionally sabotaging public discourse and scientific reason. It must be awful to know that your sole purpose for existence is to harm people seeking the truth. Who’s the real sheep here? Daily Mail did an expose on the 77th Mutton Crew Brigade back in January of 2023.

A shadowy Army unit secretly spied on British citizens who criticized the Government’s Covid lockdown policies, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Military operatives in the UK’s ‘information warfare’ brigade were part of a sinister operation that targeted politicians and high-profile journalists who raised doubts about the official pandemic response. Read More at Daily Mail.

It’s difficult to identify members of the ‘mutton’ crew, but Jonathan Laxton’s followers and behavior are typical of the clues used to determine the group’s members. We’ve heard much about this crew and seen them distract and ruin discourse multiple times.

It makes you wonder what the Whitehall leadership in the United Kingdom is hiding. We suspect much of what is happening is linked to the UN/EU/UK resistance to Brexit. Brexit was the name for the exit of Britain from the European Union in 2020. The UK was divided with older Britains eager to retain sovereignty and national identity, while younger ‘woke’ Britons were for Britain remaining in the EU. Let’s say a group wanted to bring Britain back into the EU in a few years. The fastest way to achieve that change would be to kill off much of the older population with improper medical treatment, deadly drugs like remdesivir, unnecessary ventilation, and denial of antibiotics to counter secondary bacterial pneumonia. Search Twitter for #midazolam.

The Brits are well known for their incredible propaganda. According to this article, they attacked Cold War enemies across the world for decades.

The British government ran a secret “black propaganda” campaign for decades, targeting Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia with leaflets and reports from fake sources aimed at destabilising cold war enemies by encouraging racial tensions, sowing chaos, inciting violence and reinforcing anti-communist ideas, newly declassified documents have revealed.

The Guardian

In WWII the British were absolutely devastating at employing various forms of White, Grey, and Black propaganda against Axis powers. They were masters at “Fake News”. How far they have fallen.

One can only hope that this sad mutton crew gets sheared and sent back to pasture like TEAM HALO was.

Now let’s look at Jonathan Laxton, member of Team Halo, Shots Heard, and (allegedly) muttoncrew.

Jonathan stated his anti-vaccine uncle died after taking ivermectin

The death of a family member is horrifying, and we do not make light of it. However, as we’ve seen numerous times in these groups, you are only allowed to attribute COVID-19 death to being unvaccinated. You are NEVER allowed to attribute death to vaccines, even if the vaccine occurred in such an unusual manner that any average person would question the causality.

Laxton never discloses his boss Univ of Manitoba has received over $315 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

We said early on that our country was being attacked by academics who were captured by external interests. This is very evident. And just like when Team Halo runs out to help a member in need of a social media digital calvary, you can bet your light saber that Jonathan and crew come running when Bill Gates interests need representing. This must be especially true because the University of Manitoba received 319 Million dollars from The Gates Foundation over the last 18 years.

Regarding the University of Manitoba, for some reason, they are involved in Indian (Asia) healthcare. Why isn’t that money going to a hospital or University in India, where the cost of living could extend that money dramatically? Make it make sense?

Here’s a not-so-quick list of all Gates Foundation grants Jonathan Laxton’s employer, the University of Manitoba, has received JUST from the Gates Foundation. You can download the full list of Gates Foundation grants here. They pay off EVERYBODY.

Jonathan and pals tried to censor Joe Rogan

Jonathan Laxton was part of the 270 ‘doctors’ who wrote an open letter to Spotify demanding the platform censor Joe Rogan’s show. The letter is essentially a reminder that these people know the power of media because they are practitioners of it. As one section says:

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Rogan has repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast, provoking distrust in science and medicine.

An Open Letter to Spotify: A call from the global scientific and medical communities to implement a misinformation policy

The irony is that medicine has done this to itself by refusing to properly deal with situations like Sapan Desai’s nightmare data fraud regarding hydroxychloroquine in May 2020. If anything, there is nowhere near enough distrust in science and medicine. These doctors and medical ‘professionals’ appear to be in complete delusion, and while we usually should help delusional people to the light, our society cannot afford to countenance this type of behavior any longer. Especially behavior that financially benefits the backers of these groups (universities, pharma companies, etc).

Jonathan and pals employers got over 4.5 Billion from Bill Gates

Here’s some information for ya! Just going through some of the top institutions linked to the signatories in your letter resulted in institutions that have received over 4.5 BILLION DOLLARS from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation alone. You almost can understand how easy it would be to get lured to the dark side with so much money at stake. Almost.

We haven’t finished tabulating but just these 36 (out of 270) signatories’ institutions alone received over
4.5 Billion in Gates Foundation Grants

What does a captured academic look like?

Jonathan Laxton’s Twitter feed is filled with the most propaganda-laden information (Bantha poodoo) you can find. He isn’t debunking anything – he’s proving his bias with an absolute refusal to even acknowledge the scientific validity of anything anyone says. This level of denial is phenomenal and is actually a component of the brainwashing techniques espoused by Joe Smyser, head of Purpose. Seriously, this should be studied by real scientists someday.

Psychological Innoculation
Psychological Inoculation in a Presentation with Joe Smyser

Jonathan has been featured in news articles repeatedly. This indicates that the people involved had captured our news media as well as our social media outlets like TikTok. Is this how the modern-day Operation Mockingbird operates?

Clearly, Jonathan is either a paid propagandist or just evil. Perhaps we should just call it Storm Trooper Syndrome. A victim of a Sith mind trick where empathy, logic, and reason are removed and replaced with firm, fixed, unwavering beliefs that do not change regardless of what information is presented. For example, when Jonathan and pals don’t like what someone says, they label their targets something like ‘grifter,’ ‘anti-vaxxer,’ or ‘peddler.’ These are dehumanizing tactics designed to distance Jonathan from his target.

Jonathan’s groups have used dirty tactics to get medical licenses revoked repeatedly.

Oops. Dr. Mary Talley Bowden won the appeal. The case was amazing. Now, the case is going back to court. Did Jonathan celebrate this win for science?

5th Circuit of Appeals Revokes Verdict
5th Circuit of Appeals Revokes Verdict

Jonathan also likes to attack Dr. Robert Malone. There can be no disagreement with The $cience!

Jonathan is just another clone.

Jonathan Laxton, MD, is just another clone in stormtrooper gear who used propaganda to take away your free will. Like so many of our medical ‘experts,’ they all quickly ran to the dark side and used their power for evil when COVID came along. Anyone who doesn’t realize that there is a major problem in our medical systems is probably never going to figure out what is wrong. On top of that, the studies, the endless nitpicking over whether drugs do or don’t work – all of that is irrelevant. Our doctors were legally allowed to prescribe basic medications, and people like Jonathan worked tirelessly to prevent them from doing so.

That said, Jonathan, it’s never too late to come back to the good side of the force. You don’t have to be a stormtrooper forever.



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