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Sunday April 21, 2024

Alabama AAP Pres Considers Child Abuse via Hormone Blockers a Right

Shots Heard’s Dr. Nola Jean Ernest is president of the Alabama Chapter of the American Association of Pediatrics and she advocates putting confused children on hormone blockers.

Editor’s note: This is a series of stories documenting the tactics and lawfare used against Americans who rebelled against the medical tyranny and money grab of the COVID wars. These documents and screen grabs were obtained from whistleblowers in various private online communities, often at great risk, in order to show the world what traditional news outlets refuse to cover and explain why so many doctors were afraid to speak out at the height of COVID. See all our reporting on these online harassment groups here.

Dr. Nola Jean Ernest

In 2022 Alabama presented a law blocking puberty blockers for children labeled transgender. When the law was being considered Dr. Nola Jean Ernest wrote an op-ed in AL.com titled “Guest opinion: Legislators who vote for anti-trans bills don’t support your right to make medical decisions for your child”. In the article, Dr. Ernest shares her positive opinions on the current twisted fad of using hormone drugs to alter the natural physical development of children desperately in need of mental health therapy and under the age of consent. According to the American College of Pediatricians:

There is not a single long-term study to demonstrate the safety or efficacy of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries for transgender-believing youth. This means that youth transition is experimental, and therefore, parents cannot provide informed consent, nor can minors provide assent for these interventions. Moreover, the best long-term evidence we have among adults shows that medical intervention fails to reduce suicide. 

Transgender Interventions Harm Children. APEDS

According to a paper by Antony Latham of the Scottish Council on Human Bioethics:

Gender dysphoria is a persistent distress about one’s assigned gender. Referrals regarding gender dysphoria have recently greatly increased, often of a form that is rapid in onset. The sex ratio has changed, most now being natal females. Mental health issues pre-date the dysphoria in most. Puberty blockers are offered in clinics to help the child avoid puberty. Puberty blockers have known serious side effects, with uncertainty about their long-term use. They do not improve mental health. Without medication, most will desist from the dysphoria in time. Yet over 90% of those treated with puberty blockers progress to cross-sex hormones and often surgery, with irreversible consequences. The brain is biologically and socially immature in childhood and unlikely to understand the long-term consequences of treatment. The prevailing culture to affirm the dysphoria is critically reviewed. It is concluded that children are unable to consent to the use of puberty blockers.

Latham A. Puberty Blockers for Children: Can They Consent? New Bioeth. 2022 Sep;28(3):268-291. doi: 10.1080/20502877.2022.2088048. Epub 2022 Jun 27. PMID: 35758886.

Luckily for the people of Alabama, Dr. Ernest is prohibited from giving children puberty blockers as the practice is banned in the state. As is par for the course with Shots Heard members, she considers her education to be the ultimate deciding factor in arresting a childs physical development. Here are her thoughts on pending legislation designed to criminalize her hormone ‘therapy’ for children.

Any legislator who votes for these bills does not support your right to make medical decisions for your child with their pediatrician.

Dr. Nora Jean Ernest

Endometriosis patient discusses the harmful effects these hormone-blocking drugs have

After experiencing the horrific side effects of hormone blockers for endometriosis, one woman named Stephanie in an interview with ‘The Offensive Tranny” spoke out about her feelings about these same drugs being given to children by pediatricians tasked with protecting them. When asked how she felt about this new trend to harm children in the name of $cience, Stephanie said:

“I can’t believe it’s happening.” “It’s so wild to me that you would try to tell any child that it’s ok to stop puberty which is like the most important biological process that our body goes through and it helps solidify all the other functions in our body.”

“Puberty Blockers Are Poison!” Woman Speaks Out After Medical Trauma (endometriosis) – The Offensive Tranny

The people involved in pushing these hormones into children are the same ones who said ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine were dangerous. Make it make sense!

Europe is hitting the brakes

The process of arresting juvenile sexual development via hormone therapy for children is facing more restrictions across European countries. More and more, these questionable practices are being rejected, according to a Forbes article from June.

Increasingly, European nations are adopting a more cautious approach to gender-affirming care among minors. In March, for example, the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board announced it would revise its current clinical recommendations with respect to “gender-affirming care” for minors. The updated guidelines would restrict the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transition-related surgery to clinical research settings. Norway joins other European nations, such as Finland, Sweden and the U.K., in introducing limits on the provision of gender-affirming care to minors.

Increasing Number Of European Nations Adopt A More Cautious Approach To Gender-Affirming Care Among Minors

Nazi Germany Experiments on Homosexuals

Almost exactly 79 years ago to the day, Nazi Buchenwald concentration camp near Weimar, Germany began castration experiments on homosexuals. According to History.com:

The camp boasted a sophisticated-sounding facility on its grounds called the Division for Typhus and Virus Research of the Hygiene Institute of the Waffen SS. In truth, it was a chamber of horrors where medical experiments of the cruelest kind were carried out on prisoners against their will. Victims were often intentionally infused with various infections to test out vaccines. Euthanasia was also performed regularly on Jews, Romani people and mentally ill prisoners.

October 1, 1944 Experiments begin on homosexuals at Buchenwald, History.com

While Jews were forced to wear the star of David, Homosexual prisoners were labeled in the camps with a pink triangle. Prisoners wearing a pink triangle were harshly treated by most other prisoners.

The Nazi Pink Triangle for Homosexuals

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates 100,000 gay men were arrested and between 5,000 and 15,000 were placed in concentration camps. Just as Jews were forced to identify themselves with yellow stars, gay men in concentration camps had to wear a large pink triangle. (Brown triangles were used for Romani people, red for political prisoners, green for criminals, blue for immigrants, purple for Jehovah’s Witnesses and black for “asocial” people, including prostitutes and lesbians.)

At the camps, gay men were treated especially harshly, by guards and fellow prisoners alike. “There was no solidarity for the homosexual prisoners; they belonged to the lowest caste,” Pierre Seel, a gay Holocaust survivor, wrote in his memoir I, Pierre Seel, Deported Homosexual: A Memoir of Nazi Terror.

The Pink Triangle: From Nazi Label to Symbol of Gay Pride, History.com

According to wikipedia the pink triangle became a symbol of gay and lesbian pride. In San Francisco, Pink Triangle Park was established to honor the victims of gay holocaust victims.

Source: Reinhard Dietrich, via Wikipedia

Dr. Ernest is a member of “Shots Heard”

Dr. Nola Jean Ernest, Shots Heard Member since 3/29/2019

Shots Heard Round the World is an organization that is organized by entities paid in part by pharmaceutical lobbyist BIO. BIO represents Pfizer, Giliad and many other vaccine manufacturers.

In Dr. Ernest’s article about transgender care she makes an interesting point.

86% of transgender youth report that they have considered suicide and 56% have attempted suicide, rates that are actually higher in transgender youth younger than 15 years of age. Additionally, studies show that invalidating the experiences of adolescents further INCREASES their risk of self harm.

Dr. Lora Jean Ernest

Perhaps this explains the situation currently going on with vaccine injured whose injury experiences are invalidated by doctors like Lora. Multiple vaccine injured, especially COVID-19 vaccine injured, are choosing to end their lives because their injuries are denied and mocked by members of Shots Heard, Team Halo and other well-connected groups. Others are dying without receiving any genuine care from doctors who would rather look the other way.

The people of Alabama deserve to know who their AAP President is and what she supports. If this is what they support, any pediatrician in the AAP is advised to get out of that organization ASAP.

It really says a lot about our society that this insanity continues in a world where everything offensive is canceled without a thought.

Chloe Cole Opening Statement on Transitioning and Detransitioning

We’ll end with the story of Chloe Cole who was put on hormone blockers as a child. This is her July 27, 2023 testimony.

Activist Chloe Cole, who opposes gender-affirming care for minors, speaks about her own experience transitioning and her decision to detransition.

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