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Sunday April 2, 2023

Maricopa County Election Office Oddities

On June 28, 2021 I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to take a look at the Maricopa County election recount. This is what I found.

On this trip I discovered that:

  1. The elections office was closed to the public despite a major election recount ongoing in the county.
  2. The Maricopa county elections office refused to release voter rolls to journalists like me, fully ignoring my request.
  3. There was little to no security at the elections warehouse where voter systems were stored.
  4. The Arizona Republic reporters didn’t know the election office was closed to the public.
  5. I was able to walk into the 7th floor offices right past the front desk at the secretary of state’s office building.

The elections office was very strange. They didn’t want people investigating them. Significant amounts of money are being poured into the state based on all the new buildings.
I left wondering if the cyberninja recount was a fake out. No one with that group would see me in person either.