Broken Truth investigates a judge in the middle of election-gate 2020, Steven Grimberg.

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The Face of OC Justice

The Face of OC Justice

This is what failure looks like in local government.

Seajay Lange’s story was one of overcoming the odds, until Orange County got involved. Hear the story of a senior citizen who went to Orange County California for help with an assault and ended up in jail.

She’s gone through 17 pre-trial hearings for a DUI that was under the legal limit and she wasn’t even driving.
The story is more complex, but the abuse of power she has suffered is simple and clear.

Orange County needs help investigating corruption and white collar crimes. I think we’ve found a perfect applicant for them.
Who better to help police the police than one who has borne the brunt of their ire?

First, we need to address the issue with our DA.
The Orange County district attorney’s office called and doesn’t want our emails or complaints. I believe the exact statement their investigator said was ‘What will it take for you to stop emailing us?’
Luckily, the California State Bar Association provides a solution for those who wish to complain about prosecutorial misconduct, especially in terms of elder abuse and denial of civl rights. Please feel free to send your complaints to the California Bar instead.


The bar complaint form states you need to:

  • Provide the full name, address and phone number of the attorney you are complaining about.
  • If you wish to complain about more than one attorney, complete a separate statement of complaint for each attorney.
  • If any of the blank spaces do not apply to your case, write N/A (Not Applicable). If you do not know the size of the attorney’s law firm, please state “Unknown” for Size of Law Firm.
  • In the Statement of Complaint section, tell us in your own words what the attorney did or failed to do that you believe may warrant disciplinary action. We need to know the background of your case.
  • If the complaint is about an attorney who has not represented you, please tell us: What is the connection you have with this attorney? If the attorney is representing a person or entity in a dispute with you, please identify that person or entity and explain the nature of the dispute.
  • If your complaint involves a court case, please provide information (if known) in this section.
  • If you are complaining about some other attorney, provide any court documents or communications with the attorney which will help to explain your complaint.

These are the DA’s involved in Seajay’s cases.

Todd Allan Spitzer
300 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0808
(714) 834-3600
State Bar License #143166

Rachel Elizabeth Zarrabi
300 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0808
(714) 834-3600
State Bar License #333501

Coral Janelle Walker
300 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0808
(714) 834-3600
State Bar License #328763

Allison Taylor Targoff
300 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, CA 92702-0808
(714) 834-3600
State Bar License #305892

City Attorney for Dana Point listed on Seajay’s 2018 case is:
Noam Isaac Duzman
Rutan and Tucker
18575 Jamboree Road
Ninth Floor
Irvine, CA 92612
State Bar License #213689

This page will tell you how to file a complaint against any attorney or prosecutor in California. 

Seajay’s case numbers are:

18HM15636 (public intoxication ticket, 2018)

Seajay knows her rights and has a Criminal Justice degree. We are attempting to get more information regarding this charge. What we do know is that it was in 2018 and magically appeared tethered to this 2020 non-driving DUI.
This ticket may have provided potential income for Noam Duzman and Rutan and Tucker, the city attorney / law firm that handles legal matters for the City of Dana Point at over $300 / hr. I have a freedom of information act request in process with the city of Dana Point to assess how much, if anything, Noam has billed the city of Dana Point on behalf of this ticket..

21HM01310 (DUI)

As stated, she blew a .05 and wasn’t driving the vehicle. She had been car camping in that parking lot for a while. Allegedly a security guard called the police saying Seajay was driving in circles flashing her lights. This is something kids have done in Laguna Niguel – is it possible it was a case of mistaken identity?
Officers searched her vehicle and found legal prescriptions and may have used them against her. She has had multiple surgeries, a metal bone in her leg, and is on pain management. Dashcam footage may indicate she wasn’t even in the car when officers arrived, but they won’t share that footage with me.

21HM06393 (theft of $5 handicapped placard?)

The officer who arrested Seajay when she went to OCSD / Aliso Viejo put a ticket in her car – in front of me – claiming she stole a handicapped placard. I have yet to seen any evidence of theft or any victim identified. If you find a placard in a parking lot and you have had multiple surgeries – and qualify for a placard – is this $5 theft of any actual worth?
These same officers told my wife and I that Seajay was en route to the county jail in Santa Ana. Seajay described my clothing the next day when I bailed her out and told me she had been locked in the car behind the officers for hours.

I filed a FOIA request from OCSD for all dash cameras involved in these cases and they refused to give them to me citing ongoing investigation. The Public Defender also has ignored requests to provide this

While you’re at it, remind them how they didn’t prosecute the road rage drunk driving killing of Scott Clark in Laguna Niguel.

Or how Todd Spitzer’s DA Office was going to let this sexual assault charge go and was forced by a judge to pursue it:

The sheer volume of dismissed cases I’ve found linked to OC over the years is impressive. What’s going on here?

This page will tell you how to file a complaint against any attorney or prosecutor in California. 

Please let the FBI and Department of Justice know about Seajay’s potential civil rights violations here:

Please email Sheriff Don Barns in Orange County at

This is the sheriff blotter that labeled her assault as a ‘disturbance’.
She was taken to the hospital in Mission Viejo. I found a potential sex offender linked to this address and shared with OCSD – with no response.

The city of Dana Point CA has a private city attorney who is listed in Seajay’s trial. He bills over $300/hr and I wanted to know how much money he has made since Seajay got a ticket for public intoxication (drinking a beer in a yard?) back in 2018. For some reason that ticket was dug up and attached to her questionable DUI where she blood tested a .05 alcohol level.

City of Dana Point FOIA Request 1. Request a list of all invoices, timesheets, court fees, emails, text or correspondence / documentation to or from Rutan and Tucker or its associates (including District attorney services) relating to Orange County criminal court case #18HM15636 (Seajay Lange) from 1/1/2018 – 8/3/2022. 2. A summary list of all charges with description by Rutan and Tucker or its associates acting in any capacity for the city of Dana Point from 1/1/2018 – 8/3/2022. 3. A summary list of charges, fees, or financial transactions approved by or involving Noam Duzman or Rutan and Tucker from 1/1/2018 – 8/3/2022. 4. A copy of Dana Point’s conflict of interest policy regarding vendors or service providers like Rutan and Tucker.

Thank you.