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Sunday April 2, 2023

COVID – The Political Weapon of 2020

If part of my role is to now address the networks (many of which were my clients at one point or another) who have participated in coordinated campaigns with Pharma companies and HHS/FDA/CDC undisclosed sponsored content, then it’s important that I disclose how involved I was in preparing these same networks for COVID early on. Little did I know that the sources I quoted were false or misleading. I, like many others, trusted our news sources to be accurate and unbiased. That trust was highly misplaced.
  I knew that our government was corrupt. I knew that officials and most employed by the networks were very much against Trump. I simply didn’t believe that these people would exploit a crisis like Covid to use as a political weapon.
Below is the email I sent to multiple network executives and tech companies just after the lockdowns in California began. Understand, I was trying to prepare us to survive was seemed like a cyanide breeze. There’s one line I wrote that was completely ignored: 
  • Do not throw rocks at politicians. Patriotism must now be full force like never before. It prevents riots and is part of our hope message. Besides that, I want Trump rested and making good decisions, not being asked silly questions designed to trigger responses that don’t help anyone.

  Think back. Covid was used to attack Trump as soon as the impeachment was over. Why?

  When the lockdowns began, my team and I made multiple stay home type spots. Then we made spots cheering people up. And then we made a spot that was designed to bring people together. This spot likely never ran, despite TLC stating they would air it. TLC also said they’d include it in their TLCares website and they never did.

  This spot would have supported Trump and all the government for the betterment of our society. So why didn’t TLC and it’s Chinese-American President Howard Lee want to run it? Why did ALL the other networks refuse to run that spot as well? Perhaps Covid had become a political weapon that needed to stay alive until November? This spot was made when we couldn’t get footage in hospitals.  It was a little bit of a miracle getting so many allegedly frontline doctors to participate. 
  The true reckoning for Covid is at hand. Perhaps soon David Zaslov will explain why it was more important to bombard Americans suffering under lockdowns with shows featuring drag queens and fake mail order brides than unite the American people
PS. I wonder where David’s political leanings lie?
Nancy Pelosi, David Zaslav, Oprah Winfrey, and Chuck Schumer at David’s big media party a few years ago.
—————From: John Davidson
Subject: Media Action Plan
March 24, 2020, 1:46 PM
  My name is John Davidson, President/CEO of Magic Feather Inc. and former CNN News editor. This information was compiled with the assistance of Dr. X (REDACTED). Additional information is compiled from articles and medical reports over the last 3 months. Further info has been provided by a source at FEMA and a former ICU nurse source with contacts in a local hospital.
  We have been going over the data regarding COVID-19 since January and warning/preparing as many as we could. Normalcy bias blocks people from believing it.
  Here’s the math.
  Harvard epidemiologist said 40-70% infected this year. He’s revised it on 3/4 it to be 20-60%, however a recent headline said 80%.
  Wuhan mortality rate was allegedly 3.4 – 5%. China manipulates numbers however this article provides some insights of initial outbreak and effects on hospitals early on.
  If we assume safe estimate of 2%.
  • 327 million in US.
  • 50% infection rate means 163 million infected.
  • 15% require ICU or O2 treatment.
  You can calculate that number yourself, but we don’t have enough of anything to support that number.
  The ‘good’ number.
2% mortality @ 50% infection rate means
3,260,000 dead in United States this year.
  These deaths do not occur in a bubble. Mortality rates look optimistic early on because we have resources like ventilators and oxygen. The illness can take 3 weeks from onset of symptoms to either death or recovery. In many cases recovery takes herculean efforts. This extended, intense recovery time means we are now doubling patients to a single ventilator in NYC.  Canada is chaining over 5 patients to a single ventilator. Italy is now denying ventilators to anyone over 60. Which means they die right there. Bodies are stranded in apartments in Italy with desperate family members begging for someone to take them, but no-one can or will. Emergency services don’t answer.
  This complete absorption of resources means hospitals, urgent care and MD offices are now major sources of infection. Dr X’s practice two weeks ago was shut down by two patients that lied about exposure on their entrance form. He was exposed. He has been in/out of fever for a few days. CDC didn’t bother to test because they’re overwhelmed with these types of calls now. Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo California is not testing symptomatic nurses and MD’s. Desperate nurses are re-using safety materials. Patients in my hometown of Dublin, GA are on gurneys in hallways openly breathing and exposing everyone. One was an employee at a local nursing home. Yesterday a 30yr old male patient with diabetes died before they could even test him. Overnight a school teacher there died. Dr. X can confirm this. He has seen more adults with 104+ fevers recently than ever in his career.
  We will be running low and out of antibiotics and antivirals soon. They come from other countries fighting their own battles now. I don’t know how long it will take to build our own factories. A cut on the leg soon could kill someone. Car accidents, heart attacks, strokes, and other savable medical issues will become much more deadly. There won’t be enough ambulances.
  These forces work together to create a mortality of 8% in Italy. If the report of 80% infection rate holds, the US is looking at 261,000,000 infected. That means we need 39,240,000 icu and hospital beds. With hospitals crushed under that weight, a death count of 8% in the US is not implausible.
  The death count in the United States alone in this worst case scenario is
20,880,000. This year.
  New York and California are getting hit the hardest with other metropolitan areas being crushed soon after. The large cities also get the most attention, so what’s happening there is playing out all over the country.
  The message from CDC, White House, Gov office is not being received. Stay home is not a suggestion to have a pizza party. The scale of secret infections is incredible. The incubation rate can go all the way up to 28 days with no symptoms while completely contagious. It can live on packages for days. Survive airborne for hours. Travel in the air 22 feet or more based on an NIH study released on the 17th. CDC Yesterday discovered viral particles on the Princess cruise ship 17 days after exposure.
  What’s happening right now:
  • Italy has now banned anyone over 60 from ventilators.
  • Italy has had a huge increase in deaths.
  • Confirmed cases trail actual cases by approximately 15 days.
  • Palm Springs Health officials project a death count of 4000.
  • 20,000 case have been added to US since I initially compiled this list 2.5 days ago. Many more uncounted.
  • FEMA is setting up mobile hospitals. One in Santa Clara is huge – but it’s still only 250 beds.
  • Many people are not staying home. The absolute only way of slowing or stopping and having it kill single digits millions is martial law.
  The sooner we get martial law the better. Show production is done. Disneyland is done. Malls are done. We have a 30-90 day wait see how far it’s spread, who has it, and control spread of populations in quarantine. We have to hope there aren’t riots. If there are, the military may be forced shoot back. Where do we take the wounded?
  News networks ignored the story out of Wuhan for impeachment, Kobe, Super Bowl, etc. This lack of coverage is why I prepared. I have badgered networks about this and am so grateful that (redacted) and (redacted) listened.
  What can we do?
  • Encourage viewers to stay home. (StayHome campaign is perfect).
  • Provide info like if you’re sick, don’t go to the dr. Go to cdc website (or better our own sites) with testing locations, COVID focused facilities, etc.
  • Acknowledge their fears while providing hope
  • Help viewers cope with quarantine blues
  • Plant garden, decontaminating package tips, in-home games for kids, encourage phone calls, video calls, to loved ones.
  • Get talent camera systems to record themselves without resorting to bad phone footage or crews exposing families. (I have solutions).
  • Acknowledge the loss. Adjust tone of branding – less big smiles, laughter. Assume a more thoughtful tone, use camera systems above to have ‘watch with us’ marathons.
  • Talent will also be affected by this as the weeks unfold. Be prepared for how that will affect programming plans.
  • Vaccines, treatments, cures – these spark false hopes that create deeper depression.
  • We need therapist / talent asap.
  • Let talent take their hair down, reality can start to get real now.
  • This too shall pass must always be part of the message.
  • Do not throw rocks at politicians. Patriotism must now be full force like never before. It prevents riots and is part of our hope message. Besides that, I want Trump rested and making good decisions, not being asked silly questions designed to trigger responses that don’t help anyone.
  • We can provide information on curfews, call in numbers for help, parks closed, parks opened, etc information via a crawl.
  • We must get footage of FEMA tents going up, stories from MD’s in the ER. Part of this problem is that people have been spared the ugly truth that would have helped us appropriately react.
  • Prepare viewers for long lock-ins . I think we’re looking at a 3 month scenario, but possible 4. July is a reasonable number. You can’t tell them this obviously, but you can reference that we’re in it for the long haul.
  Understand that our programming now reflects a world that no longer exists. There could be a rejection of it by viewers so we should be rapidly anticipating programming that wouldn’t have passed the bar of quality a month ago.
  I’ve had three months to process this. Where I see hope in lockdowns and Martial Law, many will find their darkest moments. It is the consequence of denial being rapidly stripped away.
  I’m available to discuss further as needed.
Thank you,
John Davidson